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  1. Hi, I tried this on my phone, which is fully application unlocked, but it did not work. Hoever, when I first got my phone, I downloaded an update for ORange Music Player - I am wondering if this is why it is not working???? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Hey, I own an SPV C550 and can play most films at full framerate (widescreen sizes). For example, I had the matrix as a 350mb file and it played at the full framerate on my phone. I used autogordian knot to compress the video, along with dvd decrypter. I play it on my phone with TCPMP. Hope this helps!!
  3. Nope... only the default skin appears (i am using a c550 so it should be fine??). Whewre should the WMP skin have been saved, and what is it called? (Mybe I can manually move it to where it should be??
  4. Just to say.. the wmp skin doesn't seem to work. Where should the file appear???
  5. I use my phone for 1 - Texting 2 - Music 3 - Portable Gaming 4 - Movies 5 - Phoning people!! ;)
  6. Hey.. found a great encodrr suite thing - AutoGordian Knot. It produced a really good quality video, that only differed 0.2 mb from my target size! I now have the matrix on my c550 at near dvd quality (in my opinion) and am well chuffed!!!!!! Its amazin!! :D ;)
  7. have encoded some trailers, one for star wars episode 3, and a short clip of "The simpsons". Surprisingly, Satr Wars seems to be of a higher quality!! However, both play fullscreen at full framerate with quality over 350 kbps, so i think i have succeeded!!!
  8. Thanks - just what i needed to know. Time to fiddle!!!
  9. Thanks, i think ill go ahead with xvid - see what 20fps gives me, at full resolution.
  10. so it is possible to get movies running fullscreen (or widescreen) at high framerates? And is xvid the best codec to go for? THanks again
  11. you mean resize to 320x240, and keep framerate at over 20? Does that run smoothly??
  12. Just got a c550, put tcpmp on it, and i would like to know what codecs u use (xvid, mpeg4, divx etc) and what ones give smooth playback on c550. Also, what framerate gives good playback, and what resolution. (does 320x240, 24fps work????) bigpete
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