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  1. I bought one from Clove and it arrived yesterday. Still getting it setup and getting to grips with it at the moment. There seems to be a connection issue between it and my Galaxy S2 when it goes out of range. Most of the time it fails to reconnect and using NFC to reconnect is a pain because I have to place the BACK of the watch in contact with the BACK of the phone before they will see each other. Will keep playing for a couple of days before deciding if I am going to keep it.
  2. I presume communications will be Bluetooth as well as NFC? We don't all have NFC enabled devices yet! Other than that let's see if they have fixed the other niggles. I had the previous version for a few days but the display was useless outdoors.
  3. I find it a bit odd that they designed it to NOT quite cover the earth pin? Also, a bit pricey.
  4. I have been trying to get this to work for ages now! I have followed the instructions that I found and I can get it to boot. But whenever I try and use "pacman" to update the software - I get an error (something about /lib existing when it shouldn't) I have tried several "fixes" but none of them work. Any ideas? Regards Mike
  5. Unfortunately it claims that my Galaxy Tab 7 (note that number!) does not have at least a 7inch screen. Ah well.
  6. It is nice to see that the "old" Desire HD is to get an update. I can't help wondering how long it will take Orange (in my case) to release it? I am STILL waiting for the Gingerbread update for my Galaxy Tab that was released in May or so! - Mike
  7. oh dear! Missed it again - (at least the bundle) now out of sock!
  8. Cheapest I have found yet is £211 bought from PCworld Business which I am trying to avoid. Where have you found it sub £200 please?
  9. I keep going in to PCWorld to play with one of these! Can't quite persuade my wallet to part with the cash though. Perhaps this is the way to get one?
  10. The version listed here seems to have a problem with some PC's. On mine (Windows XP 32-bit) it refuses to allow the PC to shutdown unless you manually exit the server and then try again. The authors state that this is a known problem and to use the beta version available from their website which fixes the problem. I have downloaded the new version and installed it - but have not yet tried to shutdown my PC. Will report back later! Regards Mike
  11. Unfortunately I already have 2.2.1 - from the 1.72.405.3 update received some time ago. My handset, although from Orange, is unbranded.
  12. I have now wiped the device - and it is still the same!
  13. My DHD seems to have developed an issue with PEEP. As you can see from the attached image, recent direct messages do not display properly whilst older ones display fine. I have tried resetting, cleared out Peep's cache, deleted the account and created it again to no effect. Unnamed.bmp Anyone else seen this? Regards Mike
  14. Hmm - before I go fiddling with this I would like to understand what is going on here! What are these trigger settings saying If the app is running when the trigger arrives - send the app the trigger or Make the app run when the trigger arrives and then send the app the trigger. I think the difference is critical because if the answer is "b" than this would indeed cause many apps to be running for no apparent reason. However, if the answer is "a" then it does not really matter what triggers are set does it? Of course, it might depend upon what the trigger is? Perhaps someone in the know can explain this please? Regards Mike
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