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  1. Hi, can somebody post a link to the newest RBM2 HU Firmware ? THANKS
  2. with FLB Mod i get acore errors. i have PMed FLB Mode coder and he said that it is made for the U8220 (kernel) not for the U8230. Do you know a good Mod for the U8230 ?
  3. but U8220, U8220-6 and U8230 are different Hardware. Will the T-Mobile Rom work on U8230 ?
  4. i have installed the RedBull Mobile 2.1 Fimrware and then flashed the JMOD.
  5. Yes, i wipe before flashing, and i also wipe after flashing. the error comes with ni reason. i just scroll the menu and then get the acore failure. i have a RBM2
  6. this mod doesnt work on U8230. i get always acore error.
  7. can i use AmonRA recovery or must i use clockwork ??
  8. T-mobile UK has deleted the 2.1 Firmware from there website because it has many bugs. why you make a mod for it ?
  9. What is the difference between the U8220 and U8230 ? is it the same ?
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