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  1. Greetings, After trying to unlock my own SPV C600 (ORANGE) and succeding i found out that it was very vague. There were no good step by step guides on how to do this. And so i compiled a little Step By Step guide my self. It consist of 5 simple steps and everything that you will need is included in the attached file. Just read the howtounlock.txt and follow the instructions. This might work on a C500, not sure can't really test, but you can try it, i think it is similar. I cannot garantie anything though, use it at own risk. I did not write any programs in the guide, so all credits go out to those peaple not me. I just put it all together. :( unlockC600.rar
  2. I was afraid of this...because some of these need to be seen by the system, like flashplayer...guess i will need to reinstall all of them <_< thanx for the quick reply! ;)
  3. Hi there, i have a little problem. I have a SPV M700, and i had to hard reset it because it woudn't load anymore. Now everything works again the only problem is that all the programs that have been previously installed to the storage card no longer show up in the programs list. But i can run them manualy by browsing to them using the explorer and starting them from the storage card. Now my question is: can i restore the programs so that they are visible again or do i have to reistall all of them again? I hope there is a solution, because i really don't want to reinstall all of them again, cause i have like +40 of them... ;) Thanx in advance.
  4. Hi there. I have a problem, i cannot connect my mobile(spv c600) to my pc. I have active sync 4.5 installed and it used to work fine, but recently i installed it to work as a usb modem and now i cannot connect it anymore. Everytime i connect my mobile it tells me that it detects a HTC USB Modem. Is there anyway to change this?
  5. i am getting the llResult error as well on my C600 any solution?
  6. the question about TMPCMC... when i first got the phone i tried converting videos in 3gp format but they turned out crappy and bad sound too, the size was good though (about 5mb for 5 min) than i heard about TMPCMC so i tried that, and i was amased. For normal settings in Mpeg4 format the video was great on the phone and audio as well (much better than 3gp) the size though was a bit bigger about 10 mb for 5 min. So TMPCMC works great on C600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i am not sure about it beeing usb1.1 or 2.0 but i just baught one (c600) a week ago and it takes me about 5 seconds to transfer 1 mp3 song (+-5mb)(maybe even faster... i have a normal 512 mb (not high speed)
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