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  1. I've found a new bug! When typing an SMS, you can type in a total of 160 characters for 1 sms. Else it'll be 2 or more text messages. Now when i type the ... icon, (so the three dots in one icon, not three seperate dots) i can only have 70 characters in one text message? :S weird
  2. hi! i havent been on modaco for a while.. nice to see more people are interested in WMP skins for the C550. you've remade thesame skin as i did theyell4, the test.zip one..:rolleyes: like that album art there..! and i like the WMP11 skin! nice work, gijsdvm
  3. Hi! recently i found out that someone, most probably my brother, has put the MoDaCo colourscheme on my account on MoDaCo Mobile. Thats the option that says 'dont choose this option' or something like that. So now im stuck with the MoDaCo Mobile lay-out on my PC. Cant i change it back? Cause the option to change schemes has disappeared. Thanks
  4. too bad it isnt QVGA compatible. i tried it on my SPV C550 running WM2003SE, and it didnt work properly. Too bad seemed a fun app.
  5. if the files are located on the Storage Card, you might try reformatting the MiniSD card (using your pc). This was what helped with mine. I got an error message everytime i tried to play an mp3 with WMP, but now it is fixed.
  6. yeah that *white* (not silver i thought) supperclub edition is a C600, released by Orange and Supperclub, but i think it is just thesame C600 for more money, although it looks quite nice.
  7. Oh i'd love to have it what way.. I use my phone with my right hand all the time, so * is much easier to press than # . Even more cause my C550 has these tiny keys.
  8. 1. Dont know, sorry. 2. - 3. - 4. When you recieve a new message (SMS), the right soft key, which normally gets you to Contacts, now takes you directly to your new message. Also you can use Homescreens with a new message function in it. So when you recieve a new message it'll show: SMS (1), and when you click on it, it'll go to the message. Try using the Windows Homescreens. 5. Dont know, sorry. 6. Yes you can. For example, when i hold the 2 key it'll go to Task Manager. When i hold the 3 key, it'll go to File Manager. This can be done this way: go to Start>More>More>Accesoiries, then select Task Manager (dont open, but select!) then push Menu. There is an option for Shortcuts.
  9. Thanks but i have checked it was on Storage Card a few times, and also tried switching to Storage and back to Storage Card again, but it didnt work. I have found A solution, but it is not the most simple one. I backed up everything on the Storage Card, then pulled the card out of my phone, got my Card Reader, and Formatted the MiniSD card using my PC. now it works again.!
  10. no problem. Srry i dont know where the pre-installed sms tones are.
  11. Hi. Tones to use for SMS and MMS and Email, should be .wav or .mid . You can place them in /Storage/My Documents/ or /Storage Card/My Documents/ and not in subfolders (then it will not appear in options).
  12. Okay so the retagging didnt work. Now i've moved 1 mp3 file that was in /Storage Card/My Documents/My Music/ to /Storage Card/My Documents/ and now this file DOES show up in the music library. So the problem is: WMP doesnt show files that are in /Storage Card/My Documents/My Music/ in the music library. Anybody knows a solution?
  13. First i want to say i had this all working a time ago, but then i decided to delete all the mp3 on my MiniSD card. Then i put new mp3's on it. Well, now if i go to my Library, and update the music library, it does say it finds 64 files, but it only adds the 3 mp3's ive put in /Storage Card/My Documents/ (so i can use these as Ringtone). It doesnt add the mp3's that ive put in /Storage Card/My Documents/My Music/, although it says it does. How can i get my phone to do what it used to do??? Just add the files to the Library.? I've already tried a Hard Reset, so i dont know what to do now. Can anybody help? I thought maybe somethings wrong with the ID3tags or something, so i retagged them using MP3Tag .
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