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  1. Well sometimes you might make a mistake, right? So just imagine you delete a msg by mistake.. Well maybe you don't.. Because you don't use smartphones or windows mobile.. :D Anyway when I posted this I wanted to have some help, not a common sense class, don't take me wrong, I am just sick of people writing random stuff on forums. Anyone have some hint about this? I can't find any option in the msg menu --> tools -> (...) Help would be really appreciated! Thx.
  2. Hello, I have a Benq E72 w/ Windows Mobile 6 Standard. Whenever I deleted some sms it goes to the "deleted items" folder but after a while (some minutes or hours) the messages aren't there anymore. I had an old smartphone in which this didn't happened, I had to manually choose to empty that folder. So my question is, how can I choose to empty that folder manually, stoping it from automatically delete those sms? Thx in advance.
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