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  1. Damn HTC. Where's the infrared? I got around $50 worth of universal remote software that's gonna be made redundant.
  2. Ah, compromise, ... that's all HTC ever do. Want a new feature? We'll have to take away this other one... What am I going to do now with over $60 worth of Universal TV Remote software? Was is that difficult for them to keep IrDA in there? :)
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Now, this is kinda weird, but I checked in Settings -> Personal tab -> Sounds & Notifications -> Notifications tab -> Selected 'Wireless network detected' from the 'Events' drop down list and 'Display message on screen' is unchecked. It seems there's no option for completely ignoring the event.
  4. Thanks for your reply but I guess it's my fault for not mentioning Windows Mobile 5 PPC Edition not Smartphone Edition.
  5. Hi. I've looked all over the place but couldn't find an answer to this. Are there any values in registry I can alter to prevent those damn annoying 'New Network Detected'/'Multiple networks detected' notifications? I'd like to keep Wifi enabled at all times but thanks to Microsoft's fantastic options-lacking design, I'm bombarded with these messages. I'm running Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU3.
  6. Thanks for the link. I'm afraid I've already tried them. Also tried ones posted up on the xda-developers forum, ones provided by Orange themselves, ones that came in the form of cab files for Orange Contract users. I'm thinking of testing whether it's the MMS software that's screwing me over (Arcsoft). I'm fairly confident since without even going to a 'Sending and Receiving' stage, instead going straight to a 'Finished' stage, Arcsoft MMS must be responsible for this. Does anyone know any worthy alternatives to Arcsoft?
  7. Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. Any chance you have a direct link to a particular thread?
  8. No & Not married. Besides, should it be any of your concern if I were? ... :-P I just don't like having a last call name + picture id up as I feel like I'm in the middle of a call as soon as I've entered phone mode. I want it to look fresh everytime I enter phone mode; If I wanted to find check which calls I've made/received recently I'd use the damn Call History feature. Don't want to clear it by deleting call history either, I want to keep call history but remove the last call feature.
  9. Does anyone know where in registry I can disable the 'last call' feature shown everytime I enter the phone dialler? Every time I load up the dialler, it shows the last call received or made and it's annoying. I want it to look fresh, like I haven't made or received calls. Thanks
  10. Yes, I took your url and googled part of it to find that article on the xda site. I'm not starting with T-Mobile settings, it's a freshly flashed using original Qtek 9100 roms. I had to call Orange once to activate the GPRS on the account then a gprs logo started appearing in the title bar. From that point I've been able to use the GPRS to connect to the internet but not to check my MMS messages. Orange is primitive when it comes to setting up user handsets. If I was with T-Mobile, I would have simply gone on their site, selected my handset model and they'd text me the settings. All there is on the Orange site are some instructions which lead to nowhere.
  11. I need help. I'm also trying to use my T-Mobile MDA Vario (Flashed to Qtek 9100) on an Orange contract service. Can't send & receive MMS however I can surf the net using Orange's GPRS. I don't know if it's a fault with my Arcsoft or if I'm missing something in the settings. Tried: The Orange U.K. Contract cab. Manually setting it up by following Orange's online instructions for Orange M5000. Manually setting it up by following the instructions by Shadamehr on the xda-developer site. Random settings. How long is it supposed to take for Arcsoft to do its 'Send & Receive' procedure? My one goes to status: 'Finished' as soon as you hit the 'Send and Receive' option. Then status changes to 'MMS 0 Inbox'. Unlike other apps setup to use GPRS to connect to the net, when I click 'Send and Receive' in arcsoft, it doesn't connect to anything. Help!
  12. Download Total Commander CE (freeware), load it up, head to the root directory and then tap on "\\" then on "registry".
  13. So, just that registry key on its own is what enables .11g?
  14. Oh this is so annoying. I'm having this problem on my WM5 PocketPC but not because of 50+ apps but because a software installation through ActiveSync failed. Now my 'Remove Programs' list is empty. Googling all over the net and I still can't find a solution. ;)
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