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  1. Thats great, thanks for your replies, I shall try them out. I appreciate your help and cheers for taking the time. :-)
  2. Hi, I am using the X1 and really want to back up my txts, as you know the are conversations on the X1, is there a program to do this? Thanks in advance for your help. :D
  3. Cheers for your help on this people, im sure a few people will find this information helpful.
  4. Whats the difference between the X1a and the X1i ? If I go to menu - settings - system - Device Information - Identity it says X1i
  5. I have always found this to be a great player for all the PPCs I have had but I cant even get it to load upon my X1. Ive installed it and every time I try and start the program I get a crash message. Has ayone got this to work? If so what version are you using?
  6. I think there is a way around opera opening it on the mobile site, I have done this but cant remember how. I need to point out that you dont need to upgrade the version of Opera you already have, I reinstalled a different version of Opera over the version I already had as I didnt realise it came with version 9 and I ended up doing a hard reset as the other version mucked up my screen orientation.
  7. On further reading I have figured it..... There is a little hole under the battery cover, near where the stylus goes, its only small and if you blink you may miss it! To hard reset, stick the stylus in this hole while pressing both the buttons (under the screen) down. I hope someone finds that useful, this info was not in my manual at all!
  8. Im sure there is a really simple way of doing this... I have messed up my X1 by installing a different version of Opera on it, now I want to back it up and do a hard reset How do I go about this please? The HTC phones I have always had have had little holes to stick your stylus in, there does not appear to be that hole on the X1. I dont even know how to soft reset this device! Please can someone help me? Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know what version of Opera comes on the X1 (Vodafone) please?
  10. So far Im lovong this phone, its far smaller than I am used to and im finding the keyboard fiddly but thats because ive had an Ameo and Universal for so long now. I only have one gripe with this phone, there is no '?' on the keyboard, I find that odd. The build quality is lovely, as Paul has mentioned the slide on the keyboard is great, the phone feels solid, the screen is fantastic and the phone runs really quick too, thats the phone operation and the internet on GPRS (running on 2 bars in my house). It took me a bit to get used to the joystick, once I thought of it like a mouse rather than a button I got on with it well. The X panel threw me a bit as i'm so used to the windows homescreen but having lived with it a day I love it! The camera is far better quality than I have seen on other WM devices. All in all this phone gets a thumbs up from me, it has what I want, a sliding QWERTY keyboard, runs quick, has WM6 and at last I have a phone I can use as a phone! Im not getting rid of my Ameo though, I still love it. :-)
  11. Well ive figured it.... It was under the connections manager, theres an icon called 'Beam' I switched that on, it was that easy! Doh! Oh well the answer is here now if anyone else gets stuck!
  12. Hi, As the title says, Im trying to move my contacts over (Dont ask why Active Sync is not doing this, its a long story!), my Ameo and X1 can see each other, both are set to send and receive files but every time I try the send fails. Does anyone have any idea why this is please? Thanks! :-)
  13. Well I'm really excited, this review has sold it to me! I have just ordered mine from Vodafone, I'm sad to say bye bye to T-Mobile for now but quite happy to get rid of my Ameo, it will be great to have a phone I can use as a phone at long last! Yeah!
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