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  1. This is not correct. A frustrated contract is one which cannot be performed due to an event or action outside the control of the contractiung parties. If O said they had coverage in this area, and they do not, then- assuming a court would believe this was a term of the contract- their inability to provide this is a breach of the contract, allowing her to terminate, or waive the breach and sue for damages. Obviously she should choose the former. Practically she has two choices- cancel the DD payment, and wait for O to pursue her in the courts, and use the above as a defence, or continue paying the line rental and escalate the matter with OCS, OFCOM, or commence a claim in the Small Claims Courts. this is also incorrect, and a common misnomer. It is obviously more difficult to prove what the terms of an oral contract are. She should seek to prove that the reassurances of the O customer services person that there was coverage in the area mean that this fact is a term of the contract. I actually think that if this came in front of a judge that her chances of being beleived are quite good- can you see O tracking down and sending the CS agent in person to court for the day to deny her story? FG
  2. Thank you for all of you who posted the solution. This had been driving me crazy and is now solved........much appreciated! FG
  3. Tech I have no idea how to alter my registry but understand it is risky. Do i just run a registry editor program, and then just enter the commands you list, a bit like entering commands at a dos prompt? thanks v much
  4. I was speaking to O about 2 weeks. The geordie CS guy I was speaking to first of all pretended he didn't know what HSDPA was, then intimated that no other networks had data speeds faster than O, then finally admitted that HSDPA did exist, other networks offered it, but O had no plans to adopt it at all in the future. I hope he's wrong........
  5. Same problem for me, using a M3100. Any ideas anyone?
  6. I have has similarly (Ok,not as bad!) waiting times with Orange. you really need to write them a formal letter telling them that this is not an isolated problem and threatening to terminate your contract if the situation doesn't improve. I will be.........
  7. No, Pondrew- I have a M3100 and have downloaded and installed pocket messenger as per the instructions found on this site. I thought the installation would load plugs ins.....
  8. you are correct- the plug in is not activated (its not listed in my today items). How do I add it? I can't see an option to add items...... I really appreciate you bearing with me.
  9. After I sign in I see a list of all contact who are online or not. I don't you messaging. When I close the app (actually minimising it) I don't get an envelope icon and I have checked in my outlook and it hasn't set up a hotmail account for me...I can see how I do this (as a new account) and part of it is automated as I am entering a hotmail address but get stuck on the server details....
  10. I have a similar issue. when I load messenger and sign in I don't see how I can access my hotmail account and I am getting no notification that hotmails have been received. Do I need to set up my hotmail account in the outlook messaging program? thanks in advance
  11. I've just downloaded and installed the SBP weather thing. I've set it to London but it displays on the today screen next to the icon "error downloading data from site". I presume this is to do with my sync options. My proxy and password are blank (as I don'tneed to update when docked, I presume), and my source is the default `gismeteo`. Do i have to subscribe to some third party service toget the data? Thanks in advance
  12. folks, whenever I open any of the cabs paul very kindly listed, it asks me where I want to extract the file to on my network, rather than starting the installaiton process on the unit (and asking me to accept the program installation etc). What gives. thanks v much
  13. Just got my new m3100- can't see how the cover comes off to fit the sim- help!
  14. AaronW, you might want to check your small print. I was told by OCS a few days ago that the unlimited date option only applies to GPRS data, not to 3G, which is charged on the standard tariff......
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