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  1. Have you used any of these PVT Products Before? http://www.pvt-online.de/pvt_freisprech.php?language=en
  2. My SP5 is looking a little beaten. Anyone know where I can order replacement parts for the grey case and battery cover? There was an ebay seller that was selling the OEM plastic cases from Taiwan, but that was too long ago to search. Also, I plan on getting an extra set and dying it black. I think the SP5 would look great in black. Anyone have any experience with plastic dyes? Specifically I am wondering if the dye will dye the grey paint sufficiently or if I need to sand it first? Also if the paint wears off, will the dye have dyed the plastic underneath?
  3. Ok, it shows 9.96 available storage and 17.94 total storage. 16.74 available memory and 44.69 total memory. What does anyone else have? File manager only shows my "temporary internet files" as 16kb with 1 file in 5 folders, so if it is accurate then deleting those won't help much. File manager only shows my \windows\appmgr as 28kb with 4 files in 19 folders, so again if it is accurate then deleting those won't help much either.
  4. How do you find out how much memory is available on your phone? I have been getting low memory error messages and I installed card cache as soon as I got the SP5. If I go to file manager and look at smartphone properties I show 3.45 MB in 131 folders and 152 files (with my MiniSD card removed). Seems pretty frugal to me. Are there places I can't see from file manager? Is there a better way to check free space? Where is the most likely place my space would be used? How many folders and files does a new phone show? I must be missing something. There is no way a near empty machine could be out of space and have all these people expecting to put WM6 on their phones. Does a full install of WM6 fit on 64M ROM? In looking at MobileGadget's diagram here http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=20980 it appears that my phone should have 11M of ROM free. I use the A2DP hack but I have a lot of contacts with photos and a lot of exchange data that probably gets cached. Everything else should be on the MiniSD card.
  5. I like the skullcandy crushers with 2.5mm pinout. The mic/call-answer button doesn't always work though. My next headphones will be the earbuds from Skullcandy.
  6. I never use the t9 and T9 key entry methods, but every once in a while I find myself in them by mistake. Is there a registry entry to turn them off? Can I delete their databases or replace them with empty ones in the case I get into them accidentally?
  7. I love my SP5, but I am surprised that the phone doesn't adjust the time when I turn on the phone after flying into a new city. Am I missing something? A registry setting perhaps?
  8. I had a prerelease version of the firmware and it seems like I got asked for some setting so that the server would know where my phone was. Has anyone seen this? Also can you use push going through OWA? Like if you give your phone the mail address of mail.yourcompany.com\exchange or whatever your webmail address is on the internet. Can exchange push out through that?
  9. At work I have a PPTP firewall. Basic windows can VPN into it with the default settings and a change to include windows domain and allow MSCHAP2. There is no adding of certificates and IPSec Pre-Shared key that I can tell or that my network administrators are aware of. You simply add a vpn connection, give it the vpn name, type in your user name and password and you are in. The VPN is a Cyberguard 530. On page 76 of the manual it appears that it does not support certificates. Now if I am behind my firewall I can active-sync my WM5 phone to exchange, no problem. But outside the firewall I can never connect. This leads me to believe that I have a VPN problem. I have followed the instructions on how to install a VPN and I simply cannot make it work. The thing that is most suspicious is the IPSec authentication on WM5. The only two options are Pre-Shared Key and Certificate. So I leave Pre-Shared Key blank. When I try to active-sync my phone the closest I ever get is a message “the remote party has ended this connection” support code 0x8502000F “the server could not be reached” As for another clue, when I try to ping my vpn from the outside on my notebook, I always get a reply (not sure what port though). When I try to ping my vpn from my WM5 phone using myIP, if I leave it at the default port 80 I get port not reachable, but if I ping port 1723 I get “Server is reachable”. This leads me to believe that my WM5 phone can see the VPN, but for some other reason it can’t connect. Any suggestions? I am thinking the next thing to do is check the VPN appliance logs to see if that gives a clue. Are there any utilities to test a VPN connection other than to try to ping some internal machines?
  10. Should myIP be able to ping my VPN? I am having VPN and Exchange connection problems and am trying to nail down the exact issue. My notebook PC doesn't ask for a port and it can ping my vpn, both by the vpn.name... and hard IP. My phone on the other hand can't ping either but asks for a port. Should I change the port from my phone? Is there a chance that the phone is firewalling the VPN? Also myIP looks funny on my WM5 smartphone at 320x140 resolution. Any other recommendations? A tracert program would be nice as well.
  11. I appreciate the reply but I still can't get rid of the message icon. I delete the message and just wait until she talks and talks "are you there" "are you there" "sorry you are having trouble, goodbye." The message icon never goes away. Any ideas?
  12. I am not trying to sound clever. I am not a developer. I am trying to get some games running that someone else built. looeee - The programs shouldn't have text input and I was hoping to use FakeCursor for navigation. The programs are Viking Saga and Warring States
  13. Maybe 'hard reset' is the wrong question. What do I do when my phone is on, but completely frozen besides pull the battery out? Also, which are the softkeys - the ones under the voice recorder on the left side?
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