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  1. Can you please refrain from these kinds of posts. Its inflammatory and uncalled for. Developers who share their work for free with the community are much appreciated, and certainly don't have any obligations to anyone. Your posts are hardly going to encourage anyone to help you. I'll keep an eye on this thread, and hopefully your future posts will be constructive ones...
  2. The box is NOT a guaranteed way of telling the two apart. My desire is AMOLED (came with an AMOLED-only bootloader version: 0.82), and came in a white HTC box with no mention of AMOLED on it. (Although if the box does say AMOLED its AMOLED, if it doesn't it could be either) Older bootloaders didn't support the SLCD screen, so that was one way of telling, but most desires are likely to have v0.92 or above now, so that doesn't help distinguish. The only sure way is to look closely at the screen, possibly under a magnifying glass (or with a tiny drop of water on the screen). AMOLED screens have a pentile arrangement of subpixels. This means that if you are looking at an area of the screen where there is a dark colour (black) to the left of a white area the transition has a pink toothcomb look to it if you look very carefully (the subpixels on an AMOLED desire are arranged RG BG RG BG BG RG BG RG) on a normal LCD they are arranged: RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB RGB)
  3. Guys - please can this be kept friendly. Most people seem to be trying to stick to the topic, but there's a few people here who are posting personal attacks, and these have to stop. Its fine to post your opinions (good or bad) about a device, but not about a person. If you think someone is crossing the line then please click the "Report" button - rather than getting goaded into attacking them back. For now I'll avoid any official warnings, thread closures or post deletions, but there's a limit...
  4. As already stated - the fact that its not asked for an unlock code indicates its already SIM unlocked. If you're curious as to the original network you could try to check the software version. Click (Menu button -> Settings -> About Phone -> Software Information) There should be a Software number there somewhere, eg mine is The 3rd number of 161 indicates that my phone is a Vodafone branded phone (although there's no other indication, as apart from that its the same as the unbranded version. Vodafone phones are generally unlocked on contract.) If the software number is x.x.405.x it is an unbranded software version (or has been altered to an unbranded software version), and will probably be unlocked. You can't tell what network it was originally supplied on with this version. If the software number is x.x.161.x it was a vodaphone software version If the software number is x.x.110.x it was a t-mobile software version If the software number is x.x.207.x it was an 02 software version If the software number is x.x.771.x it was a 3 software version If the software number is x.x.61.x it was an Orange version
  5. Aye - please avoid posting the same question in multiple threads as it means any replies will be split up. I'll close this thread - please look for answers in the other thread
  6. Hi there - welcome to the forum. As other posters have mentioned flash 10.1 does not work on the ZTE Blade yet. Please refer to the link supplied by oh!dougal above. I'll close this topic now.
  7. This is an old link, and not relevant to the ZTE Blade, because it uses an ARMv6 processor that is not supported (yet) in flash 10.1 This is mentioned here: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...-questions-faq/
  8. Yea, I found t-mobile were unwilling to do deals as well in the past (unless you have a very high monthly spend) Back in the day when I upgraded to the Vario II they had a good offer for new customers, but refused to match that for me as an existing customer. Ported the number to a virgin PAYG sim, and then back to t-mob on the new offer instead that time. The time after that though I just left them and went to vodafone (who at the end of the contract were willing to match a competitors offer to keep me - so I now have a shiny HTC Desire, without having to switch networks, and its cheaper per month :P )
  9. Was it originally a network branded phone, unbranded, and you then updated it to an unbranded 2.2 ROM (without using the goldcard)? If so you may need to re-apply the update, but make sure you use the goldcard when doing so. I've not had this problem myself (not bothered to change from the Vodaphone 2.2 version, as its pretty much identical to the stock version) but from what I've picked up on the forums that might be a possible cause / solution
  10. I was considering one for my Desire, but if its dodgy I think I'll hold off! Anyone using one with a custom ROM have any more luck??
  11. Should be good. Only had this phone for less than a week, but loving it a lot - and looking forwrd to shiny new features in 2.2 :(
  12. It looks very nice indeed. I like my X1, but this looks like its a decent improvement, with the flush-with-casing (larger) screen, tilt sensor, 8.1Mp camera and video out, and retaining that lovely arc-slider and the pocket-able dimensions. I'll definitely be watching this one closely...
  13. I never noticed the crack before, but when you mentioned where to look (near the volume key) I had a look and sure enough my X1 is cracked there too. (it wasnt like that when new, but I've not dropped it there at all.) It looks like an insanely thin bit of plastic has been used on that side (much thicker on the other side of the phone), and at the point just before the metal backing theres no protection so a slight strain will easily crack it - very poor design there! Now I've just got to decide if it bothers me enough to try and get it replaced under warranty (I expect the same would happen to a replacement too though ;) ) I think I'll just live with it. Given that I never noticed it until you said where to look Its probably not going to affect me greatly.
  14. Hi, I've not used an omnia, but personally thing the X1 is a great phone Its pocket friendly (unlike some other touchscreen WM phones), looks very snazzy, and has all the features you could want. Camera is OK. not outstanding. Its a 3.2 megapixel affair with an LED photo light (not a proper flash), so not much use in low light. Its not the worst by a long way though. Still if the camera is the main thing you are looking for then there are better alternatives. I've found that because the backplate is a simple metal sheet it can get scratched very easily. The keyboard however is a real plus on this phone - very high quality, lovely arc-slider which solidly snaps open/closed. The other major selling point its its lovely 800 x 480 screen (although slightly annoying that it isn't flush with case if that bothers you) The panels interface is ok, but nothing special. The good thing though is there is an SPB mobile shell panel available free from the Sony Ericsson site, which I use most of the time. I don't really use it for media, but it handles a few MP3s and movie clips fine (also iPlayer works on it too!) Overall I really like it though, and would be hard pressed to choose an a better alternative from the current crop of phones out there. (only maybe the touch Pro 2)
  15. That is indeed a bargain :D Shame I've already got one (160Gb WinXP blue version) or I'd snap it up. Its a great netbook - the only real issue with it is the battery is somewhat weedy (3Cell, gives about 1.5hrs battery life), but for that money its worthwhile, as you can always get higher capacity batteries.
  16. Actually Huawei are more more than a 1 trick pony... they have been in the news recently because they are one of the suppliers of networking kit being used to construct BT's new 21CN network, and there has been concerns raised by intelligence chiefs that Huawei might have links to the Chinese government, and hence the kit could have backdoors built into it which could allow the Chinese government to remotely spy on or interupt Internet traffic in the UK. link: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article5993156.ece
  17. Hi, gave it a whirl on my Netbook (acer aspire one - 1.6hghz atom, 1024 x 600 res, firefox, windows XP, 1GB ram) It loaded ok, and was able to play the tutorial as far as level 9 until my browser crashed. I think it crashed when I had the rectange on the rotator at the bottom (it had rotated to be tall) I then added the circle to the lock I then moved the rectange off the rotator to a position half way up the screen(ish) and it froze. I've not managed to solve that level, but it seemed strange to me that the rectangle would carry on rotating (with the circle keyed) if it was on the rotator, but starting wide, but wouldn't rotate if it started tall?! I'm probably missing something... Not yet tried it again, will do so later. As an aside you should probably think about redesigning the shape of the application so it all fits into a screen only 600px high (some netbooks are only 578px high) In firefox with no toolbars (with status bar) the usable height was about 428px on my screen
  18. Gorskar

    Asus or Acer

    I ended up buying an AA1 too (Blue, WinXP, 1GB ram, 160Gb HDD). Its very good looking, has a good keyboard and is cheap (£230 for that model)! With some of the other netbooks they seem to be approaching full size laptop prices! Only downside for me is that the battery is a bit weedy, but other than that its great!
  19. The browsing on mine seems snappy enough in Opera...
  20. Blackstone... I'm assuming you mean the TouchFlo 3D variant? I believe you can get TouchFlo 3D running inside a panel if you like (in which case it would just be adding it to the list) You can choose which of the available panels make up the 9 quick swap ones. See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=3
  21. Well I went for the X1, and having seen a friend's Touch Pro am glad I did. The X1 is a much nicer looking device (not as wide), and the battery is decent enough for a WM phone. (I tend to charge it every night, but it still has well over half the battery left then. Apparently the Touch Pro will struggle to even make 1 day if its used moderately heavilly) The screen res isn't too much of an issue - you can download a utility from XDA-devs (cant remember the name yet) which basically chops off the extra width (leaving a black bar down one side) and makes it appear to be a VGA screen to other applications. - which can be helpful if an app or game wont run or looks skewed. Shame the keyboard doesn't have arrows, but its still very good. You can always use the d-pad for arrows (although I should point out that the d-pad isnt the greatest for games - mainly due to the "up" being a little trickier than the other directions to press.) An essential download is the SPB mobile shell panel from http://www.sonyericsson.com/fun/ Its free for the X1, and makes the phone far more finger friendly.
  22. If using an Apple Mac with a Windows mobile smartphone then its well worth investing in either sync mate or Missing Sync Sync Mate has a free (less functional) version, so best to try that first! Not sure if you can browse the device if its connected without one of these programs ( I don't have a mac). If not then you can always copy cab files to the device over bluetooth if your laptop has that built in I would assume...
  23. I'm using co-pilot 7 on the X1 - it appears to work fine, although the buttons in the menus appear a little stretched as they aren't designed for that resolution (very minor issue - still perfectly fine)
  24. If you go start->programs Streaming Media, and then options I have: Playback tab: Media Buffer = 7 seconds, Do not show 'connect to internet' message = ticked Networks tab: Connect via = The Internet, UDP port range From = 6970, To = 32000 Video tab: Use Landscape mode when watching in full screen = ticked. However its probably something in the registry. Check the key: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\rtsp\Shell\Open\Command] The value should read: StreamingPlayer.exe %1 You can use PHM registry editor if needbe to check the registry: http://www.phm.lu/Products/PocketPC/RegEdit/ - download the PocketPC 2002,2003 (ARM/PXA) CAB file. NB Usual disclaimer that messing with the registry can result in breakage, (andmaybe needing to do a hard reset if said breakage is too bad) Do so at your own risk...
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