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  1. Do you know why my Moto Q9 hasn't been able to have been found by sattelites w/ Google Maps and Live Search

  2. This is good news, I almost gave up on them. Keep us posted pPCp.
  3. I have not heard back from Alk yet. It is holiday season, I would give them little more time. Artur
  4. Guys, Interesting development. Just received response from ALK. They actually emailed me patch to try. I got very excited and tried it immediately. Unfortunately patch did not work but it is good sign. I am happy they are working on fix. I emailed results back but since it is weekend I do not expect to hear anything for couple of days. I will keep you all posted. Art
  5. I forgot to mentioned, I did try with "GPS Test" running in the background but it does not help. Last night I emailed ALK Support about the problem. I am afraid that their current position is no support for internal A-GPS receivers. Decided to email them anyways, if enough people start bugging them perhaps they will do something about it. I would encourage everybody who has similar problem to let ALK know about it. I will post their response when I get it.
  6. CoPilot 7 by ALK has neat feature called "Live location tracking on the Internet". The only problem is that CoPilot 7 is not working with BJII at the moment. I am hoping this problem will be resolved at some point.
  7. Just tried to get CoPilot 7 to work with my BJII. Unfortunately no luck. I do have Paul's patch installed and GPS works perfectly with WLS, Google and GPS Test but not with CoPilot. GPS Setup for CoPilot 7 allows to set COM port # and Baud Rate. I tried Auto, which scans all the ports and tries all possible baud rates. I set to COM4 and tired baud rates: 4800, 9600, 19200 - no luck. I checked ALK's website to see what they have to say: " Will the Motorola Q9’s built in GPS work with Copilot Live 7? No, CoPilot will not work with the Motorola Q9's built in GPS. The Q9’s GPS is an A-GPS (Assisted GPS) and does not output NMEA GPS messages that Copilot requires for Navigation. You will need to purchase a NMEA GPS receiver in order to use Copilot. " Strange, I have seen reports of CoPilot 7 working on Motorola Q9H on COM5. They also provided some info on what receivers are supported: " What GPS receivers are compatible with CoPilot Live 7? CoPilot Live works with NMEA-compliant GPS receivers that meet two requirements: 1. GPS receiver must output the following NMEA messages: GGA, GSA, GSV, and RMC. Note: The NMEA standard includes seven (7) output messages. CoPilot Live only requires the four (4) listed above. If your GPS receiver does not output all four of these messages, contact your GPS manufacturer or consult your GPS manual to determine how to program the output messages. 2. Optimal routing functionality is achieved when these messages are output every second. Note: If your receiver outputs these messages less frequently CoPilot Live will continue to function, however, there will be a reduction in performance (CoPilot Live may not provide timely instructions or timely route recalculations). If your GPS receiver does not output the NMEA messages at the recommended frequency (once per second), contact your GPS manufacturer or consult your GPS manual to determine how to program the frequency of the output messages. " I am little disapointed by the fact that CoPilot 7 does not work on BJII. I am big fan of CoPilot I have been using previous versions 1-6 for years now and it is excellent software. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. combustion, Check out this thread: http://www.modaco.com/content/Smartphone-S...-GPS-ACTIVATED/ Art
  9. I have just upgraded my SMT5600 to SP5 and I love it! :) Not very many WM5 applications at this time but I do not think we will have to wait long before they become available. Most of the applications I use work fine on SP5 even that they were written for WM2003. The real advantage over the good old SMT5600 is QVGA screen and EDGE. You can actually do some web surfing with that resolution and speed. Loaded with all these features this phone will be good for a while. Bottom line: wort every penny.
  10. Just got Kingston 1GB. I was not able to copy 39MB file on my i-mate SP5. It failed on three attempts. I am going have to return it. :) I wish I have found this post earlier. During researching Kingston’s website this is what I found: “NAND Flash cells are rated for normal and heavy-duty use: • Kingston's standard Flash products are rated at 10,000 write cycles with Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND chips • Kingston's Elite Pro, Ultimate, and its DataTraveler and DataTraveler II Plus - Migo Edition, and DataTraveler Elite are rated at 100,000 write cycles with Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND chips“ Card I got is standard one which apparently is MLC.
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