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  1. I tried to review the userinit.sh and come up with the following script, tested it with my friend's phone and seems it's working fine. Please noted that it is not complicate if you have basic linux background but if you have no idea what the script is going to do, you should do a full backup first. #You need to use adb shell again adb shell su # if you have followed the instruction fully, there should be a backup directory: /data/olddata and /data/old-dalvik-cache rm -r /data/olddata/* cp -rp /data/data/* /data/olddata rm -r /data/old-dalvik-cache/* cp -rp /data/dalvik-cache/* /data/old-dalvik-cache rm /system/bin/playlogos1 mv /system/bin/playlogosnow /system/bin/playlogos1 rm /system/bin/userinit.sh # now we will exit the su and adb shell exit exit # reboot the phone adb reboot # after reboot, copy back the old data rm -rf /data/data rm -rf /data/dalvik-cache mv /data/olddata /data/data mv /data/old-dalvik-cache /data/dalvik-cache #you phone is now unlagfixed after the phone rebooted, let it run for one day or two to make sure it's ok. #now you can remove the 1.xGb dataimg rm -rf /data/dataimg # all done
  2. Failed: Read-only file system Seems the remount is not working, any idea?
  3. I have been using PPC/WindowsMobile since XDA2 and I have been using Samsung since i718 (i liked it a lot), then i900 then i8000. I was waiting for i9000/WP7S but sadly I decided change to Android in the near future, I still like Samsung's phone and I hope the new Samsung Android phone will be my next target, WP7S sucks!
  4. Good news, downloading it now. Have been using b3 and like it, hope the final version is better!
  5. It works! Thx so much as it's harder and harder to find an XP now.
  6. Hi Herick, Do you have the problem with smart dial after you changed the SIM card? It cannot find the those contacts in call history which has been cleared by change the SIM card. If I use contact app to find it's still there but just won't show up with smart dial.
  7. forget to update my profile, I'm using Omnia2 now. I'm using IJ9 but had the same problem when I was still using G1 ROM!....I think it has something to do when I swapped my SIM card, maybe I should do a hardreset and keey the same SIM in my phone!
  8. do you have the same problem with the missing contact using the smart dialer? To reproduce the problem: 1, Use Smart Dialer to call anyone of your contact 2, Delete the call history of the one you just dialed 3, Use smart Dialer again...and this one you can't find the contact. 4, if you goto the Full Contact List, you can still find that contact, only have problem with the Smart dialer. Anyone has the same problem?
  9. It's GPS status indicator, when GPS is off the symbol will be a circle with /, with GPS on, it will be displayed as X
  10. I'm using ACR, very stable and lite: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=528507
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