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  1. @pzee, have the same prob right now. the one namention mo na di na cya mag downgrade from qtek to smart rom. ive been using qtek 1.5 rom for 4 months now and im quite satsified wid it. the problem is i want to change my softkeys and my joystick na. so have to put it back to smart na. i tried upgrading directly from qtek 1.5 to smart 1.5, 1.6, 1.7. pero di successful either from normal boot or in canary mode. all i can ever do wid roms is install a 1.3 smart rom or the qtek rom. can't figure it out kasi i got my phone wid a 1.5 rom. so i will be stuck in 1.3 smart rom and baka BP will find out na open line ang fone ko. any ideas pls.......?????? suggestions?????......... thanks :lol:
  2. Sa dami2x na nice things u said bout sap headset. i totally agree to all of u bout it.But i have a very bad experience wid my sap headset.Bought mine last october and it lasted only until december.although iam a frequent user of the headset. almost each day of the week.but im careful in using them. i don't if minamalas lang ako pro one december night i just experience one earpiece doesnt work anymore. di umaabot ng new yr ang 2 na ang nasira. Bakit kaya di durable ang sap headset? sayang pa naman kasi very usefull sya. sana gawa sila ng highquality headsets.
  3. still have the same problem. can't use gprs or smart mms. error is unable to place a call. shouldn't there be a dial up setting for smart? coz there is in globe.
  4. @grifter, sorry po for posting another thread: ill re post it here: @all sa mga people in cebu interested in buying sap. BRAND NEW SAP'S for sale 15K above (cebu) best regards...
  5. @craigd/mar just wondering what's the use of the file being attached wid the instructions. isn't it the important because it's the one ought to copy of the NK.nbf file of the extracted SAP update? or it's just being attached for reference. sorry po, i understood all parts of the instruction... just wondering lang. best regards, quark_ed
  6. sorry talaga to all who requested mar's method from me. as of now im loggin in sa cafe kasi problema ko sa pc ko. and all of mar's method is there. can't access my pc pa. and i totally agree that it would really be safer to try mar's method at the eyeball coz its very tricky. one wrong move and it's going to be a paperweight. i can't attest to that coz im already on qtek now. and still afraid to apply the 1.6 smart rom. anyway ill try to answer all ur pm's this weekend. have to fix my pc muna. till then....
  7. i am one of the few person's who recieved mar's instructions. iam very grateful to mar as iam from cebu and can not attend any eyeball sessions u guys are gonna be having. and d2 rin sa cebu iv'e heard of people who unlocks sap's and asks for fees. i really would like to share the knowledge on how mar unlocked the 1.6 rom but there is always the problem of giving the information to the wrong people. sana we should be more cautious than sharing it to guys who makes profit wid mar's unselfish efforts. thanks again mar, good luck sa abroad and sana u will not leave modaco eventhough ur leaving the phils na... bon voyage
  8. u hit it right mar!! more power to you guys.......
  9. actually i wouldn't know what's the rom version. but the last time i sold it to a friend (last wed) it has still the v1.04 bootloader and 1.5 rom. i wouldn't know it because it's brand new talaga. the smart seal will not yet be broken when the unit will be received to the buyer
  10. anyone interested 2 buy a brand new sap? 15k may tawaran pa. ;) cebu lang po.
  11. very cool app.... mind if i suggest? can u make it say at specific intervals of time? or speak automatically every interval. Godspeed
  12. bai.... bago ra ko diri nga forum... naa pay lain CEBU EB? nahan unta ko apil ninyo bai.
  13. im here in cebu now & im a cebuano... been envious to the peeps in manila who made EB's. hope we could push through one para we could xchange ideas... maau unta if naa makahibaw mo unlock. grabe kaau charge pa unlock oi.. ive heard of one who charges 1,500.00
  14. hi everyone!!!!! im just new to this forum and like everyone else here, i would like to ask help or assistance on any way u can. i just bought my sap 1 month ago and i would like to simunlock my sap. iv'e been browsing the whole mighty modaco bout it but im still confused on how to do it. i have fears i might destroy my sap ;) and can't restore it anymore. im just a newbie so pls if anyone can help i would gladly appreciate it. I envy the people there in manila coz they've been very generous and sharing and having EB's just to share their knowledge. By the way im located here in cebu city wherein only a few knows how to tinker wid their sap's. maybe i just don't know them or maybe they just don't like to share wat they know bout it. i asked a smart wireless employee bout how to open it, but he refferred me to one of the technicians who charges 1,500.00. ang mahal noh? it's not worth it naman coz opening a sap is very easy only if i know how. as far as ive browsed here in modaco i got the general steps an idea how. but i still gut dummy questions, so pls anybody can help me, thanks! 1. what is the difference between the bootloader and rom... as i understand it? the bootloader is some sort of startup or bios while the rom is the physical hard drive built it in the fone or is the rom synonymous to the os of the fone? my sap has: bootloader v1.04 ver 3.0 (build 13037) radio ver 1.31.10 rom updated versions 2. the forums greatly stress that bootloader v1.04 isn't unlockable therefore i have to downgrade it to bootloader v.93 and v.98. dummy question: 2.a. which is much better bet the two bootloaders? 2.b. what are the advantages and disavantages? 2.c. is it still ok if i just leave the rom unchanged and change my bootloader? 2.d. if i have to change my rom also, what is the most likely ill have to use? iv'e read of roms and roms update from the uk, roms of qtek being use on saps, but i can't understand it why should use other roms rather than intended for saps. what are the disadvantages and dis advantages? and in procedures installing bootloader and roms to the mmc/sd. i know the things i need in the start is to have a .93/.98 bootloader on an sd/mmc. dummy question how do i make my mmc be loaded with the bootloader .93/.98 if i only have a 1. whx file 2. pc 3. hex editor program 4. and my sap 5. mmc but without 1. the card reader or 2. an mmc/sd who has already the bootloader .93/.98 i think ill rephrase the question. how can i make a bootloader .93/.98 without 1. a sap with already having the .93/.98 but instead i only have a whx file of the bootloaders but don't have a card reader to write on it. by the way if u guys have an ecs motherboard in your pc. i saw and bought a peripheral of the ecs motherboard which only costs 150.00. and guess what that peripheral was? it was an internal 6in1 card reader wherein u have to manually open ur pc and connect it to port on the board for front usb. bad thing was my board is msi and it's not compatible wid the card reader so i have to return this.
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