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  1. djfuego

    Divx on HD2

    The only other player is the Core player but you need to pay for that. It's worth the money as it has an integrated youtube player as well.
  2. djfuego

    First Java game

    I'm pretty chuffed as this is my first attempt at doing anything bigger than a theme for a windows mobile phone. It is designed for touchscreen. 480X640 you can get it from http://www.ramraidersoftware.com or download FishDodger.zip
  3. If you want GBA compatibility get "Spicy Pixel Morphgear" and buy the GBA module. It's the only emulator I'm aware of that works.
  4. djfuego

    Barcode Reader Software?

    Yeah I investigated this a few years back, and you would be better off with a dedicated pocket pc barcode scanner. If you had an M500 or equivelent (Large SD slot) you can get the actual hardware scanning mechanism incorporated into an SD memory card that plugs into your phone.
  5. djfuego

    Getting Streaming Video over wifi

    I've just had a brain storm ! I should be able to stream the playlist from VLC on a multicast address to a playable format. I don't particularly want to leave my pc on transcoding for my phone as It's not right.
  6. Specifically from the winamp media library? The TCMP doesn't have a VP7 codec so although I can listen to the sound I can't see the picture. I've got a soft modded XBOX 1 that will stream these vid feeds hapily as well as other streaming sites too. and as far as I can see this should be do-able by now on WM6. If anyone knows of any software that can forfill this then let me know here. I save a playlist to my phone and then use this to play from.
  7. CoolCam did this but with a higher framerate over bluetooth. Unfortunately wm2003 only
  8. djfuego

    how to upgrade to WM 6

    You can't upgrade that phone to WM6, Wm5 is a bit iffy on it at the moment so wait for an official release.
  9. I haven't bricked my phone yet but it've tried 2 roms so far and they have worked great. I can roll back to the original rom if need be. I don't surf much unless it's wifi, still waiting for a decent VOIP config. The WM6 expirence is a breath of freash air.
  10. LOL! Map drive ;) Hahahahahaaaaa... Crazy!, why map a drive when you can go on the machine I like remote desktop better. It is nearly a pc in my pocket.. Just need to be able to plug in a real usb keyboard and mouse.
  11. djfuego

    Minimal msn messenger

    Scout out the XDA developers site. you'll find what you want. I'm not surprised about the amount it uses. it does a whole lot more than the basic MSN. And insists on staying connected to your internet connection. I had to disable the arial to stop it.
  12. djfuego

    WLM doesn't wanna install

    Copy this over and run it, let me know if it works. WindowsLive_Messenger_PPC.zip
  13. djfuego

    Soundz Cool!

    You don't need that app any more. the phone plays mp3 wma and wav, you need to drop the audio files in the my documents folder on your storage card. How hard can it be?
  14. I feel like such a noob now.. <_
  15. djfuego

    Phone Scams

    Just got sent this from a buddy. Victim of mail spam? or legit? The bit that says Forward to all your friends does it for me :)

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