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  1. It seems that I have better luck launching it if I launch Internet Explorer first. It's like some file or library needs to be loaded for live mesh to run properly.
  2. Let's be careful when we say that the OSes are the same. I had an issue while porting a PocketPC application to the SmartPhone platform. The particular application used the TabControl. The TabControl is not supported WM5 Smartphone edition. This is not something that is a hardware or device issue. I view this as a difference in the supported controls that Microsoft has made in the different versions of the WM5 operating system. So, if you have a application that uses the TabControl on WM5 for PocketPC, it will not work on WM5 for Smartphone.
  3. PeterG


    Holy cross-post Batman... http://www.modaco.com/QTEK8310_AKU2_ROM_WANTED-t238453.html
  4. Let's just say that my Qtek 8310 now has an i-mate splash screen when you first power it on....
  5. I made a post about the information on one the non-English Qtek website had to say about AKU2. Apparently it's not going to be available until end of April. Check this thread... http://www.modaco.com/AKU2_Update_for_Qtek...ll-t238087.html
  6. I came across the following text on qtek.no: AKU2 Software Release Qtek vil levere den nye software pakken til Windows Mobile 5.0, kjent som AKU 2, eller "Messaging and Security Feature Pack" etter følgende plan: NB! AKU2 Software release for Qtek 9100 med Microsoft Messaging and Security Feature Pack er nå klar for nedlasting under "myQtek - medlemsområde". Qtek 8300 / 8310 Slutten av april 9000 Slutten av mars S200 Leveres med AKU2 fra første leveranse http://www.qtek.no/norway/nyheter.aspx Now, I don’t speak or understand Norweigen, but I would have to guess that it says that the AKU2 update for the Qtek 8300/8310 will be available in April. To go one step further, “slutten” roughly translates into “end”. Therefore I would translate the above into “End of April”. Although, someone who can read Norweigen may want to confirm.
  7. I do find that I have similar problems if I use Pocket Divx Encoder to re-encode a file that's already encoded. Such as re-encoding a Divx/Xvid file using Pocket Divx to shrink the size down for my Dell Axim or Qtek 8310. However, if I encode a mpg or rip something from DVD I usually have pretty good luck in getting the audio to sync. I know it's not an answer, but re-encoding files for a smartphone of an already encoded video is going to be a challenge to get the audio to sync. Unless, someone else has had more success and wants to comment....
  8. PeterG

    New Qtek 8310 Rom

    The amazing thing is that it's really the first ROM that I hace seen specifically for the Qtek 83xx series. I wonder how Expansys was able to get ahold of it and there has been no mention of it anywhere else.
  9. Check out this article on Gizmodo, it's running on an i-mate SP5. http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/gadgets/aug...hone-158862.php
  10. Although I have never owned a Mpx 220, I think the thing you're looking for is a "hard reset" or sometimes called, "master reset". This should reset the phone to the factory defaults for the current version of ROM. There is no way to "uninstall" the operating system since it sits in the physical ROM of the phone. But such a reset would do what you're looking for....
  11. Some rather disturbing information about AKU2, if it turns out to be true. Check the following link No Bluetooth A2DP Profile in Upcoming ROM Updates
  12. One thing that bugs me about Activesync is you cannot have more than one Windows Mobile device plugged in and sync'ing at the same time. I have both an Axim x51v and QTEK 8310 and you can only sync one at a time. Is this still the same for Vista? Has anyone tried this?
  13. What that picture actually looks like is PocketPC Phone Edition screen shot superimposed onto a smartphone picture.
  14. I live in Canada and my wireless provider is Rogers. I tried this tip any which way I could including doing many google.com searches, but it would appear that this doesn't work on the Rogers network. Just thought I'd post a message to save time for any else on the Rogers networks wanted to give this a try. It would appear the only recourse we have on Rogers is to call customer service and have them adjust it.
  15. File Name :: serial experiments lain Author :: PeterG Category :: QVGA Others Description :: My first attempt at a QVGA Smartphone homescreen based on the anime serial experiments lain. View File

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