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  1. i want to know this too, but anyway thx for the sharing !
  2. finally, rom from the master :huh: do you manage to find what's the different between JG2 and JE1/JE3 ? i just found that XTRA setting already fixed. THX
  3. finally you came here... :huh: welcome aboard... i found no HTC base rom for O2 able to support Video Calling ? does your rom support it ?
  4. i just found that in JG2, the XTRA GPS Setting bug already fix :huh:
  5. i cannot find JF6 or JG2 in the list of available rom from him...
  6. i don't speak russian, i've tried the link but it just ask to install somekind of toolbar :huh: is it english rom ?
  7. do you have file link ? in rapid or megaupload maybe ?
  8. i thought the last 6.5.x rom was JG2, do you have JE5 files?
  9. please upload G2 in direct link :huh: thx
  10. wow... is it stock rom or just fake ? :huh: anyone have the files ? ;)
  11. this is not the latest fw but no one have ever tested it ? :huh:
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