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  1. Thanks guys. Will update you if the tips work.
  2. guys, has anyone noticed any delay in the incoming SMS on their O2 XDA 2 unit? some messaged arrive 8 hours late, some more some less. we noticed this in our office... and it was noticed only on XDA units. The nokia users didnt experience it. i guess this has nothing to do with the service provider but with the unit . any help will do. Thanks.
  3. maybe you forgot to check the contacts option in your active sync . its default is unchecked . once youve synched your contacts, you can export this into a csv file
  4. @jabez, you can PM carlo anytime, thats what ive been doing. or you can post in Modaco Smartphone since most Pinoy users of Smartphone are in there. you can also check Pocketpc websites for applications. one of these sites is www.pocketpcfreeware.com
  5. Thanks Carlo. I posted it in HTC-Himalaya index.
  6. guys, does anyone know of a software like the Smartphone IMeter which i can use on a pocketpc? i posted the same query in Modaco Mobile Forum but no one seems to know. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Guys, does anyone know of an application which can check and count my GPRS usage on my XDA2? just like an IMEter on an SPV
  8. I just found my answer on this. Jeyo Studio can download my SMS.
  9. Cool! Just tried it in my unit. XDA2 from Smart is not sim locked. Thanks dino!
  10. Maroon 5 She will be loved Maroon5_shewillbeloved_chorus.zip
  11. I think any pocket PC application will do . Lots of sites feature ppc applications. do a search.
  12. Isn't there the Auto Configuration program which allows you to choose the settings of your own carrier?
  13. Is there a Pocket PC version of the Smartphone application named SMS2Mail wherein the SMS is converted to outgoing mails and when synchronized, these goes to the Outlook Outbox? Thanks.
  14. The Tengo thing still needs the Stylus. Much Better if stylus free. Is the Thumbpad available in Asia?
  15. hi carlo. i got an XDA 2 from Smart , when I tried running Auto Config , the file Explorer was gone! cant find it anymore. how do i go about this? mabuhay !
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