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  1. its the semi-lethalness that makes me want it now oh for a peaceful kwanzaa :D
  2. just downloaded & installed gonna go for a run tonight & see how it goes =)
  3. not working on my mda compact4 hangs after adding account details & pressing 'done' shame as the facebook016.cab worked a treat (except for no autoupdate!) so gonna uninstall & reinstall 016 :D
  4. december the 18th woohoo, only 11months to go! :)
  5. how much are we talking about as i might lose my phone too :D
  6. WTFBBQ?!? :D so someone says that someone else did something with someone elses somethings then someone else say that they're the someone who's somethings have had something done to them whilst someone is saying that two someones are one someone and another someone thinks that the two someones are in fact one following me so far? so riddle me this batman why do us geeks & hackers have such bad press? why can't we all just get along? won't someone think of the children the poor children ohhhhhhhh! :D
  7. well mines been dispatched and will be with me by 1pm tomorrow £140 added to next months bill but lost my £5 loyalty so i'm now paying £27.50 a month i'll see how it plays as i've got 7days to try it out can always send it back then and get the orange deal as it'll still be july :angry:
  8. just spoke to an absolute star at T-Mo they're still OOS, but due in next couple of days was told if i wait till end of august i can have for free or i can have early for £140(basically buying out my contract & restarting i s'pose) so their gonna call me when in stock & i'll do the deal then woohoo(i hope!!!) :D
  9. Aaagh! T-Mo say I can't upgrade till aug29 that theres been an error on their online system also that they're OOS on the MDA Compact IV nucking funts :D die die die die etc and relax :angry:
  10. jammy git will tyr them again in the morning there may be light at the end of the tunnel :D
  11. you've got the same package as me it looks like i could handle the £80, but not keen on losing the £5 loyalty discount that works out at costing an extra £90 over its life (£495 total) whereas going to orange & getting the £175 quidco means i'd pay more than i am now but less than if i lose the £5 per month (£630 - £175 / 18 = £25.27) bugger neb EDIT: you'll probably find that they've quoted you the price for the Compact 3 by mistake the Compact 4 is gonna retail around the same as the Vario 3, £230 on our tariff!!! bye bye T-Mo...
  12. i hate upgrade time cos i know the minute i choose to either stay with t-mo or switch to orange, the other will pull a sweet deal out of the air aaaaaaaaaagh :D neb
  13. any confirmation if this includes the 'free/500mb' orange internet thingie? can't quite work out from the p4u website cheers neb
  14. my upgrades page is not showing it available although it is when you go to buy a new contract! :D i only pay £22.50 a month :angry: (flext20+W&W with a £5 loyalty rebate) so i know they'll expect me to pay for the upgrade or up my tariff a touch :D guess i'll have to ring at lunchtime & find out or visit one of the stores otherwise its gonna have to be the phones4u quidco deal i think and go back to orange :( neb
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