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  1. I did eventually get the phone apart, but not without a few nicks along the slot that separates front from back. Sorry I didn't take some photos to show where the tabs are, but you pretty much just need to find them and press in with a very thin blade-like instrument. Also make sure you remove all the screws first. I think there's one under the label behind the battery, several more under the battery, and one that you'll see if you remove the rubber plug beside the antenna. I don't recall if you have to split the top of the phone apart or not -- I took the whole thing apart. Pay attention to the side switch plates as you take it all apart -- you need to see how to put them back, 'though its not terribly hard. Good luck!
  2. I wish this were the fix, but it isn't. The back light has been on all along, and continues to be on, but pressing the area beneath the speaker grill does not restore the information display. All I see is a white screen. The phone is otherwise working (it calls Verizon, and the front lid display works fine). I really need to disassemble this phone, but don't know how to get it apart without breaking it.
  3. Thanks, but I realize this. Sometimes you have to know exactly where to insert a screwdriver or other blade to release the clips. So I'm hoping someone with experience can tell me where those spots are. Otherwise I suspect I'll break some clips off if I just pry it open.
  4. I dropped my i600 and the display stopped working. Otherwise it's fine. I've replaced the phone, but would like to try to fix it (might just be a loose or broken connection). Can anyone tell me how to get the case open? I've removed all visible screws and can't pop it open.
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