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  1. kjk


    Have not been here for a while and everything is changed :) now I'm newbie again :) (I hope I posted in right forum)
  2. yes it's called torch do a search and you will find it
  3. now i can buy a wm2003 smartphone :lol: great work!! it'll be a most used plugin on wm2003 :D
  4. kjk


    yes you can use xbar 2 to wake you up with mp3 but it is not easy to use xbar 2 as alarm not user friendly
  5. not plugin but there is a app called IMETER and does exctally what you want
  6. fot auto changing profile http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jimiandcie/SmartWa...martWatcher.htm
  7. I installed this plugin on my qtek and got same problem after installing
  8. kjk

    xBar 2.4

    can you make it possible to edit task from smartphone so it will be easy to sett alarm with mp3
  9. you can use any key you want to XBar juts edit ini file you can find interaction on xbar site
  10. have you unstalled xbar ??? there is a bug in xbar that lock action key ^_^
  11. Once upon time..................... we all was stupid ^_^
  12. kjk

    Happy Birthday AWARNER

    Happy birthday m8
  13. bcoz some app's are digitaly signed to work with lock smartphones

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