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  1. very nice theme, changed the graphics on my device to a mix of Luna Elements 5, Junior Icons and an other Wallpaper to match my PC-Desktop for my personal use. :)
  2. Thyraz

    I need to know what the monster is in lost?

    hm.. can't find the smartphone question in here... :-/
  3. u r not allone. Paired some BT-Devices? send/receive with Sony Ericson Mobiles, using BT-Keyboards etc. can be the reason for this as far as I've seen. I'm sry to say that there's no solution @ the moment. Only a hardreset will fix this.
  4. Hm.. anyone tried the C550 Skin on an WM5? I installed it on a qtek (8310) with orange plugin installed (works, tested with mac and XP theme ) and changed all links in the XML from \Storage\Application Data\... to \Application Data\... Files are also all placed correct. Now the whole theme works (facade, smartmon, rvtime etc.) Only the Top bar has some Problems. The left Icon seem to be right: "SMS: (0) Email: (0) Vmail: (0)" appears. When selected, ENTER opens mailmenu. But when I switch right, profiles calendar and calls get not highlighted, and no infos apperar. Enter also don't work. After cycling through these 3 buttons I reach IE (SMS highlighted, then moving right 4 times). This also works, IE now get highlighted and "Hotmail" appears. But why don't the 3 others work?!? Any suggestions?

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