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  1. On body detection? Where did they spring from? http://t.co/oo0AQMAZJ0

  2. RT @1StevieKilner: Enid Blyton's least successful novel. http://t.co/0n068xafOt

  3. I just finished cycling 2.26 miles in 14m:13s with #Endomondo #endorphins http://t.co/209J3o9ASV

  4. So I went for a run. In 40mph+ winds. #shitweather for #running

  5. Chrome is a pain on my N5 as well, it opens YouTube links instead of the app no matter how many times I clear is defaults.
  6. Celebrities read mean Tweets: 8 (Video) : theCHIVE http://t.co/NVVwWlDWjA via @thechive

  7. RT @TheAVClub: Now you can play 2,400 MS-DOS classics in your browser http://t.co/Cie18BnvYZ http://t.co/fM6mQhCVmi

  8. RT @DB_DavidBeckham: Steven Gerrard's birthday falls on the same day as the FA Cup Final. What a fitting send off it would be if someone co…

  9. RT @sweary_bear: Trying to reason with anti-vax fuckwits is like trying to put pantyhose on a diarrhetic walrus.

  10. HDMI uses +5v on pin 18, nothing odd there.
  11. They probably will, mine (although it's an Xmas gift) updated as part of the setup process
  12. RT @PaulOBrien: Fancy one of these little beauties? RT this tweet (and make sure you're following me), i'll pick a winner on Monday! http:/…

  13. It's just the equivalent of bumping up the screen resolution on your PC. Also, you don't need to root to change you DPI adb shell wm density xxx
  14. Cos the boot jingle will wake you up? :D
  15. I just finished walking 4.72 miles in 1h:39m:35s

  16. Disabled anything Tesco related, except 'My Tesco' since it won't let you. Probably because it contains the default launcher. No OTA problems that way too.
  17. [email protected] you still fail at spelling football though :P

  18. Was out walking 2.39 miles with #Endomondo. See it here: http://t.co/4Q4aH62dut

  19. RT @seeby123: When you get to Nandos and realise you left your loyalty card at home http://t.co/u1g0k0C07a

  20. [email protected] Belgian Blonde beer is proper nice!

  21. RT @TSBible: This is brilliant from this young Pompey fan! http://t.co/3FEt284PJX

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