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  1. my phone is unlocked. and the mpx220 has rom 3.51 on it.
  2. yeah,, i found it on another forum,, installed .net 2 and it worked =D thanks
  3. umm ,, i tried it. but the numbers made no difference. 100, 2000, 3000, 5000. they all look the same. im using "mobile registry editor". sync'ed with the pc. am i doing something wrong??
  4. playboy101


    i have the mpx220 and when i try to reboot the phone via the program "phonereboot". the phone doesn't come back on at all, i had to manually turn it back on. and when it comes back on the screen is really dark. i mean, dark like when you're wearing black shades and looking at the screen. its hard to make out anything, but still see shapes.. i managed to get back to the phonereboot, and did a 'shutdown'. the phone shuts off, i then restart the phone and the screen is back to normal... i really like the feature of this program, but i dont understand why it does that. im sure the mpx220 has wm2003 2nd edition. thanks.
  5. thanks, but how do i run the program, i get an error. "application failed to initialize properly, click ok to terminate" ????????????
  6. im missing the task manager icon and the link, it takes me to an error. from looking at the shortcuts in the folder "storage\windows\start menu\" it doesn't have a task manager shortcut link. but it does have the "resource manger" shortcut, im guessing in the phone, task manager is part of resource manager program, so i'd have to go through resource manager to get to taks manager. or is there a way around this to go straight to task manager??? and im also missing the File manager icon but this link works though... how do i fix this or replace the icons????????? and how do i use the "&" in the coding. i've tried making a shortcut target to "games & apps.lnk" but it wont work, it doesnt even give me the option to pick the homescreen layout. nice homescreen still. just making a little mod for myself. i think it gets the temperature from the battery sensor....... http://www.ferrandez.plus.com/SmartMonitor/Documentation.htm find it there. motorla mpx220

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