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  1. Or use a service such as Hullomail (which is free for the recipient)? As I said, this is a long way from a showstopper, even if it is a bit inconvenient.
  2. The RC1 is a global tag for CyanogenMod itself, not specifically for the port. This is CyanogenMod7-RC1, ported to the blade. Not CyanogenMod 7 Blade Port RC1. Furthermore, this bug doesn't actually stop you receiving calls. For me, it's as simple as asking the other side to hang up first. As far as bugs go, this is a long way from the worst one in the published build, and it should be noted that any bugs that are found should be forwarded to the official CyanogenMod Issue Tracker that was linked earlier in this thread.
  3. A telephone-arranged marriage? How delightful.
  4. Really? Because the RIL should print HSD/HSU to the logcat, afaik. Seems like a fairly simple way to verify it, and more reliable than speed tests.
  5. Isn't there a flag in CM that you can use to set the vmsplit?
  6. Looks like the partition sizes & kernel base address are wrong.
  7. If you've installed all those you listed, then yes, you're done :D Just to be sure, power off the phone, then power it back on while holding volume down. That forces the phone into recovery mode. Can you tell us the version string it displays at the bottom?
  8. Well, if anyone has any doubts as to what the programs are doing, it's fairly simple to investigate. The kernel is required to be open source, so you can check that easily. All Dalvik programs can be disassembled using baksmali, so you can check those, too. If, at this stage you feel convinced that there's some evil in the system libraries, just set the phone to Wifi-only, and run it through a PC set up to log all packets. Of course, all of that effort will lead to you one conclusion: sometimes things just don't work.
  9. That's not strictly true. T-Mobile are the only provider that won't charge you if you exceed your allowance. Of course, you are still limited by that allowance. To clarify - are these contracts with a 500mb FUP or one of the larger ones?
  10. Yes, the Froyo-standard Wifi AP acts in Infrastructure Mode. As does Android Wifi Tether, (unless you set it to AD-Hoc, afaik). If you're using 2.1, did you change to a kernel that supported netfilter? If you didn't, Wifi Tether won't play nicely.
  11. No, mine doesn't rotate either. Do they even have a landscape UI to use?
  12. I disagree, unless you like image banding and poor SKIA performance. http://www.curious-creature.org/2010/12/08...-and-dithering/
  13. I suspect this is more to do with the Kernel's battery level reporting code. If you peek inside of it, they seem to round to the nearest 10%. It's possible that Battery Monitor is instead manually calculating it from the voltage level.
  14. Just ran a speed test, ~1980kbit down, 400 up. Your ROM may not be configured for HSXPA. Go into Settings > About > Status and post the "Mobile network type" value. It should say HSDPA, though may say UMTS if your ROM hasn't been configured for HSXPA.
  15. Sadly, yes, it would require a custom kernel build. I've just found a need for this myself, so here's hoping ZTE get into gear with that release...
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