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  1. Try clockworkmod tether. It's free for 14 days and your network won't see it. I found it was OK, but I ocassionally had to reload pages when they got stuck. It was better than all the others I tried though (Barnacle for example didn't work at all).
  2. Thanks kiteboywales. It seems like formatting system is the key then as I suggested in post 193. Pocha - I'm afraid I can't remember if I flashed gapps but Chrome was installed in either the rom zip or the gapps.
  3. I also had the wifi problem with this ROM but managed to get it working in the end. This is what I did. Phone from new - followed the guide for 5 year olds to get to stock vodafone 936 (very good guide by the way). Followed same guide to install this repacked 940 ROM. Wifi didn't work. Reflashed ROM In CWM formatted davlik cache, cache and data. Still didn't work. Formatted davlik, cache, data and SYSTEM then re-flashed ROM in cwm (in that order). Then it worked. So maybe formatting system before flashing the ROM was the key, or maybe doing the formats before the flashing, or maybe it was just luck!
  4. I did eventually decided to buy a G300 and have found the sound quality to be absolutely fine, and pretty comparable with my old ZTE Skate. I use in-ear headphones. Thanks for all your comments.
  5. Thanks both for those useful replies. Sounds like B940 is the way to go for me.
  6. Hi. I’ve just bought a G300 (my 4th Android phone) and am trying to work out which ROM to go for. Have moved from a ZTE Skate running CM9 which I really liked but I won’t be using this on the G300 due to the lack of camera support. I would like a nice clean stock ROM without operator customisation and I don’t need the other tweaks available in the Infusion ROM etc. B940 looked good though I read that a few people have reverted to B936 after minor issues including speed. It wasn’t clear to me whether the NZ B936 Rom was debranded – can anyone clarify? Grateful for any other suggestions too.
  7. Thanks for that. I now use my phone as my main MP3 player. I had a ZTE Blade previously which wasn't very good, and now have a ZTE Skate which is much better. I would be interested to hear comparisons from anyone who have previously owned a Skate particularly.
  8. Did you ever buy one daveyman1? If so what did you make of it in the end?
  9. Thanks for mentioning Camera360. I tried a few market camera apps but none worked. This one does and looks very good. Exposure, contrast and saturation all work. Not sure if the picture is better by default, will need to do more testing. The picture looks less choppy when moving than the stock camera too.
  10. Thanks. Good to know it's not just me, but it presumably doesn't affect everyone or I'm sure it would have been mentioned. Tilal - Is yours oK? I don't suppose you have any ideas of how this could be fixed or do you think it's another of the camera unfixables?
  11. Turiso - are you saying you have the overexposure problem too, or just that the exposure settings make no difference?
  12. There is but it hardly makes any difference and the photos are still overexposed compared to the pre-ICS roms.
  13. Has anyone else using this ROM found that their camera is badly overexposed? I've had this problem ever since switching to ICS. Just tried Tilal's JB ROM and it's the same. It's a fantastic ROM, the oveerxposure is the only problem I have with it.
  14. I had the same and assume it's intentional. Yes, just install from the market and it works fine (except for occasional rendering issues). Tilal - been using this for a few weeks now and love it. Hope the rending issues get fixed at some point. In the meantime could you add it to the issues on the OP as it took a bit of hunting through the thread to discover that it was a known issue and can be temporarily fixed by restarting the app?
  15. I've been using it for a couple of weeks. No reboots. However, the camera seems overexposed (not sure if this affects everyone but I think at least one other mentioned it). I also had problems with web pages not loading in Dolphin Mini but maybe that's peculiar to me. I'll see if this update and a clean install fixes it. Either way it's an amazing ROM, unbelievably slick. Amazing work Tilal and thanks for the continued upated.
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