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  1. There's a thread on the Vodafone forum here: http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Samsung-Galaxy-S3/s3-freezing-and-restore-issues/td-p/1417584
  2. Hi all, Had my S3 for quite a few months (since June) and it's been running really well. However, in the last 2-3 weeks the phone has started randomly freezing - needing a long-press on the power key to force it to reboot. Sometimes it happens several times in 15 minutes. I've tried disabling / uninstalling recent apps to see if something was crashing the OS, and I've even done a factory reset - which helped for a few days. However, it's started coming back now. The thing is really irritating and making the phone unusable. Has anyone else seen this? Do we know if there's a fix?
  3. A friend of mine went into one an EE store looking to upgrade her Android phone. She was (mis-)sold a Windows Phone, which is no use to her - she obviously can't run all of her paid-for apps, and it's a totally different ecosystem. She uses Gmail and other Google stuff so Windows Phone is just not suited to her. She's taken the phone back to the store but was told it can't be changed - despite being just a few days since she bought it. This is dreadful customer service - both from the salesman who sold her the phone in the first place, and from the company afterward. She is not tech-savvy, so basically you guys have preyed on her to sell her two phones (one for her and one for her husband, each with 2 year contracts) that she doesn't want and that doesn't do what she needs. She's been told to write to head office in the hope of something being done, but this seems crazy. I've contacted EE about this via Facebook and they say there's nothing they can do because the stores are franchise shops and so they have nothing to do with them. i.e, they've just brushed their hands of it. Any other suggestions of what to do? She could sell the phones (HTC 8s) and buy an android phone instead, but it seems like she'd just be throwing money away. Simple message is - steer clear of EE stores.
  4. Okay, so after a little banter with Paul on Twitter this morning, I thought I'd ask seriously, what are peoples' thoughts? I hear a lot of people trot out the "Touchwiz is awful" line, but a lot of them seem to be people who haven't actually used it (a bit like the people who slate Sense 4 on the OneX, despite it being very good. Bear in mind I've had an HTC Magic, Nexus One and now an S3, and my wife has a GNex - so I really do know and understand what differentiates the OS improvements (and I use that word carefully) in Samsung's ICS offering. That includes JellyBean - which arrived on my wife's phone earlier this week. So here's my thoughts: * I replaced the launcher with Apex - it was the first thing I did. I haven't actually used Samsung's launcher, so can't comment. That said, I did the same on the GNex, and on my N1 (with Go Launcher Ex) before it - the Android stock launcher is pretty lame. * Some of the settings Samsung provides are excellent - the LED control and other stuff is fantastic. I would expect that to be there by default in Android, but it isn't - not even on JellyBean. * The stock Android browser and Samsung's offering sucks - but I've always used Dolphin Mini HD and now Chrome on the S3. * I don't like the fact that some of their controls aren't Holo ones, but it's hardly life-changing if their toggle buttons are green rectangles instead of blue chevrons. * Some stuff is irritating, like the stupid 'headphones' bar in the notifications area that can't be configured and only shows me apps I've disabled and don't use. Hopefully Samsung will fix that at some point. * The camera app annoyingly relies on the bundled gallery app, which is irritating, as I use JustPictures. If you disable Samsung's gallery (which isn't a bad app), the camera and wallpaper selectors break. This is infuriating, but Samsung are no worse than Google's stock OS, since exactly the same caveat applies to Jellybean's camera/gallery. So I'd be interested to hear from the haters (and ideally people who have really used TouchWiz on the S3, and aren't just referring to the older, heavier touchwiz on the S2 etc) what it is you don't like about Samsung's enhancements?
  5. Why do you want to move to SD if you've got 16GB?
  6. Thanks. Didn't realise it's under mnt. ES is good; I like FileExpert because it has a built in HTTP and FTP server which is kinda useful for transferring files to/from the device.
  7. I'd recommend Justpictures. Free, fast, syncs your Picasa albums and has various sorting options.
  8. Anyone found a file explorer that can see the extSDcard (ie the microsd card)? I've tried FileExpert and ES Explorer and neither seem to be able to. I could use Samsung's "my files" app to move stuff around but it's a bit clunky. :-(
  9. Okay, a bit of fiddling, and having a look at the app, it appears does sync with Picasa. But there's no way to control it or turn off that Syncing that I can see. It doesn't appear in the Accounts & Sync page, and there's no way to set it to sync on wifi, or not sync my Picasa galleries. So presumably, it's just going to sit there chewing up battery and data until people realise and disable it. Nice job, Samsung.
  10. So I've had the SIII for just under a week, during which time I haven't used the built-in Samsung Gallery app more than a couple of times - and then just to preview a picture taken on the Camera. Yet the camera app has, according to the Data Usage screen, used 770MB of data!!! 3G Watchdog Pro reports that it's used 550MB of data. I normally use JustPictures for my image/photo browsing, so there is no way I could have used that much data through the gallery app - I've literally used it for, what, 2-3 minutes max (probably less). Any idea what on earth it's doing? I've disabled it now, and the data usage has stopped increasing. However, it's a bit annoying - for some reason, the camera's 'preview' button doesn't work with JustPictures, so with the gallery disabled it seems there's no way to view previews directly from the camera. Anyone know how to fix? Some people are going to get badly bitten by this with data charges, I suspect.
  11. Thanks for the quick response. Do you know if it's possible to remove entries from that list? For example, I disabled Game Centre from the Applications, but it still shows up in there. In fact, I'd like to remove that whole notification altogether. Glad to know the notification can be removed. Sounds like I may have an excuse/reason to root/flash. :D
  12. So I got the S3 yesterday. Very pleased with it, but have a couple of questions which I hope people might be able to help with: 1. Anyone know if it's possible to edit/remove the 'audio devices' list from the notification area when headphones are plugged in? I'd like to get rid of the default Samsung apps and replace them with my music player/podcast app. 2. I've installed the ICS Keyboard from the market, but while in use there seems to be a keyboard selection notification shown. I think this is Samsung's doing - anyone know if there's a way to turn it off?
  13. Try installing a better music player like PowerAmp, and then using the Pre-amp to increase the overall volume.
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