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  1. Hrmm, I was rooting a friend's phone for fun, didn't think about that. :)
  2. No, I don't have a SIM card inside. Does it matter?
  3. I rooted my phone, and flashed CWM. Flashed the latest Modaco ROM from the kitchen, but for some reason, my bright setting in settings is disabled. I can't change anything from there, and I have already wiped and flashed twice. Anyone knows what is wrong?
  4. I followed all your steps, and I got to the Install from Market step, and it fails, says installation unsuccessful. I have no idea why, anyone able to help me? All the steps were fine, I managed to even adb install Maps.apk successfully.
  5. Can someone else upload the rapidshare file? I can't seem to download it.
  6. I don't like the battery icon, how do I change it?
  7. Why do you need launcherpro baked in when it's something you can easily install?
  8. I seem to be having problems updating Dropbox, keeps going download unsuccessful while everything else works. Anyone?
  9. I would like to find a way to update it from the market without waiting for Paul to update the ROM.
  10. I've been unable to update Google Maps from the marketplace with the new release today, it always fails to install when I try to. Anyone able to help?
  11. Thanks, I read both links but I still don't understand what benefits this gives. It seems like it's only useful if you multitask many apps at the same time?
  12. What is that CFQ thingy for? Do I have to flash both files if I want the undervolt?
  13. Sorry, I was referring to your post number 2, regarding the powersaving thing on XDA.
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