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  1. I apologise in advance if this is not strictly the best thread to post in but I have searched for the answer. I have a T-Mobile Vario III and an Orange TyTn II arriving on Tuesday (yes I love these devices). Can I (officially or otherwise) use the devices with my laptop and wen n' walk? Is there a thread that I have missed that indicates how I do it? An article in the News of the World today states T-Mobile are introducing a £20 per month unlimited laptop tariff from next month but I would like to use my existing account (and equipment) if possible. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Paul
  2. Spectec issued a new driver on the 14th October. My Blue Angel running WM5 can now connect to 802.11g networks.
  3. The list of free s/w looks very impressive. Couple of questions. Is the s/w covered by a 12 month license or is it all perpetual? Can it be transferred when I upgrade my PPC?
  4. Visit www.mail2web.com for free Pushmail server. I have used it for 6 months, excellent service. Come back if you still need help setting it up.
  5. I have had TT5 & TT6 on my M600. TT6 is much easier to set up, suggest you upgrade asap.
  6. Either will work but you need to register the new one. It's easier to use original, mine is fine with original.
  7. I think lescargot means it now works with SSL ticked (mine now works again). Password for ActiveSync is not a PC password, it is the password you set up with your mail2web account.
  8. Receipt is immediate with SSL on or off. As indicated by others SSL now appears to work again. Perhaps mail2web have fixed the certificate issue following the emails we sent them (although they haven't replied to the emails). May just be temporary and SSL may fail shortly but it's operational at present.
  9. I used SSL for about a month, 10 days ago it stopped working on 3 different PPC's I have. We are guessing they have changed their security certificate.
  10. How do you know there is a delay? Have you tried sending test emails to yourself? You should arrange for mail to be FORWARDED from your ISP rather than COLLECTED by mail2web. Collection does involve very long delays, I was waiting 30 minutes or so when I relied on mail2web collection.
  11. No delay with my pushmail. There is a schedule in ActiveSync, needs to be set to 'as items arrive'.
  12. Following your suggestion I have just sent them a brief email regarding their security certificate. I will let you know when (if) I hear back from them.
  13. I am reluctant to operate with SSL off but when I'm out of the office I have no choice (or no email). Is the certificate checking down to the PPC, network provider or mail2web?
  14. Unchecking SSL does appear to 'fix' the problem. I still suspect mail2web though as SSL connections were working until recently. Either that or the mobile network operator has made a change at their end. I am with T-Mobile, what providers are others experiencing trouble with?
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