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  1. ok ta, whats the easiest way to change its size,,its currently 240k . thanks
  2. dont know where to post question so ill try here, is it possible to have an animated gif in my personal control panel..I have uploaded it but it doesnt work,am i to set something first?
  3. :) would love to see manic miner & jet set willy again
  4. thanks for those stiings m8, tried loads of others but none worked..only this one..although it was for the C500 I have the C550, only thing i couldnt do was the very last bit in the following ; ( Start>Messaging>Media Messages>Menu>Options>Account Setup>Media Messages Menu- Edit connections - Menu- Add Server: O2 MMS Download Messsages: automatically Outgoing message size: less than 100kb Allowed message types: personal ..it just takes me straight to my email address..so still after that bit. :)
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