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    GPRS question from e200 newbie

    Thanks for that... ...once I got the missing keyword from my phone via your post and my home key ("detach") I found there's load out on the board about it - I am a knobhead, QED. Is it worthwhile sticking this in the FAQ area as keyword searching on GPRS across the board brings up 54 pages of stuff and I'm guessing the answer to this is on page, ooooh, 23? Cheers again, Buckie.
  2. Folks, I've had a look across the site for an answer to this, feel free to call me a knobhead if it has been answered before... I've noticed compared to my old SPV that the GPRS call icon (little G next to the signal strength bar) stays on after I've stopped using GPRS services - and even after I've locked the phone using the hang up key. On my old one the phone lock terminated my GPRS session and replaced the little G icon with the aerial icon. Also when the little G icon was up I couldn't receive a call (GPRS was on) but I can now. Is this a visual bug in that it is back in phone mode but showing the wrong icon, is it actually maintaining a GPRS connection and a phone connection simultaneously, is it working normally or am I just heavily confused? I've seen numerous postings that people were having problems with GPRS not connecting but I don't think this is the same. Thanks in advance, buckie.
  3. buckie10

    E200 handset price wildly varies

    The maximum you should be charged is £99 on a pay monthly 120 anytime, any network package. What package are you on just now? I've just finished a year on 120 anytime any network and wanted an e200 as an upgrade, Upgrades department wanted to charge me £99 for it (and the same again for my partner) so I told them to ram it and asked them for my PAC number. They put me through to disconnections who, without any prompting, offered me them for free if we'd stay. Needless to say I took them and we get them Monday, but why the big pantomime from Orange? I've read similar stories in other posts here, so I guess it's worth a try. Seem like the telcos are concentrating on lowering churn now the market is more or less saturated with handsets. buckie
  4. Just done it again now and it took about 10 seconds from submit to upgrade, quite cool really... 8)
  5. Hmmm... I submitted my request at 9:30 this morning. It's 11:20 now and I've had nothing come through yet. Perhaps they've been hit with masses of requests? Anyone have any better results this morning? M.
  6. buckie10

    Format the SD memory Cart

    I bought 2 256Mb SD cards via eBay from a bloke in NYC for £90 each. Turned up within a week and they do exactly what they say. Tidy.

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