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  1. chraos

    The 'my first post' topic [merged]

    Hey all, I'm Chraos (that's chaos with a bit o' Chris in the mix). I'm a phone/gadget addict from Canada, living in the United States (yes... I know). I have had many the HTC device in my day, not to mention the countless Motos, Sanyos, Samsungs, even an LG a few years back. Oh yes, and the piece of junk Audiovox 8600. I'll never forget it. I'm fairly current on all things Windows Mobile (and Windows in general) so feel free to send me a PM if you have questions. I'll do my best! Cheers, Chraos (Chris Andrews)
  2. chraos

    T-Mobile USA Phones & Devices

    Greetings! T-Mobile has a few new devices coming and with them, a few new plans. This topic will serve to inform on what's available, what's coming, and what we would like to see! My name is Chraos and I've been with T-Mo since the Voicestream days (June 9, 2002 if I recall correctly). I've had a good number of their phones and PDAs since then, and change my plan too often to talk about. I'll post what I know about the hardware, and I encourage you all to do the same. Also, there may be a legacy device that you missed out on, but really want to have. Who knows? Are you nostalgic? I actually miss my old Sanyo SCP-4000, my very first cell phone. Not GSM, but ah, the memories. Yeah, I'm a MOBIHOLIC. :)

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