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  1. Don't have one anymore - replaced it with BT-77 as I was told it was better. Certainly worked better with my old setup (as I think most have found on this thread) - so any tips ???
  2. Hi all, I've been reading through this thread and can see a number of people that seem to have had the same problem as I have, but I can't see anyone has spelt out the answer - so please help !!! I have a C500 and BT-77 GPS receiver. TomTom Mobile 5 is loaded fine, but can't seem to find the GPS receiver. The device is paired and when checking the BT Serial Port config, I can see both Inbound and Outbound are checked, but the ports both say COM6 (can't seem to find any way of changing this - ideas ??). Anyway, any ideas to save my hair (it's rapidly deminishing through being torn out !!) Cheers
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