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  1. Oist sino yang RC? :P :D :D :D Ako kaya yon? :) ;) :D :( [dance]<--- wala ito dito [cry]
  2. Buhay pa account ko :) ;) :D Nabuhay din post ni Mrey :(
  3. Kalinte wala si MR dito, natutulog [laugh]
  4. Patay ka na pedro, paluin ka sa puwet ni pablo 8)
  5. Please check with the customer service representative that signed the acknowledgement receipt, look for him/her and open your problem. 8)
  6. Check this ---> Direct Link Please bear until black saturday, airfagev.com still down as of this moment 8)
  7. Airfagev.com will resume on Black Saturday per information 8) @peter, di kaya magalit si paul nito? hinahanap sa kanya ang fagev? :D
  8. If you are into smartphone phones, then XDA Mini is one of the best unit roaming around the circle of phones, no reviews needed, grab it :D
  9. You have the right to complain, but still SMART will depend on the availability of their service unit. A high end phone for repair should have a high end phone as a service unit. Just yesterday, i gone to SWC to have a XDA for repair, they gave me a p800 service unit.. i complained that they should give me the most high end unit they have but they just replied "it's the high end unit we have sir", buti na lang di sinabi sa akin, " take it or leave it" :D
  10. Oiiissssttt! wag kang mangugulo dito, papaluin tayo :cry: Doon lang tayo mangulit sa kabila :( @Mod dino, Bai nominate nako si preng braggy, lagi ONLINE 8)
  11. I'll vote for BRAGOL and KAPITAN 8)
  12. Actually PM lang sa kabilang site ang ginagawa ko para makontak si x-mint.
  13. KUBIKONG, have you contacted already X-MINT?
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