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  1. Hi Josh, I have done this on my Vario III. Just followed the instructions as per the first link, worked a treat... For Vario III use TNETW12511 reg value. Just remember to remove fixed IP afterwards when you want to connect to a wifi network! http://www.modaco.com/content/HTC-Kaiser-K...d-stupid-user-/
  2. Hi, I have just installed from the link above. Installed ok and then went into setup. At the end it said complete, click OK to reboot. I did that and am now seem to stuck on the Windows Mobile splash screen with green colour and swirls... Just performed a hard reset and then installed cab again, hung at the same point, any suggestions appreciated. Many Thanks.
  3. Oh dear, my mistake... I forgot I had changed network adapter setting to fixed IP for using phone as a wifi access point, doh! Wish I had worked this out while on holiday would have saved a load in data charges... Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Hi, It is set to best performance and the signal meter is showing aroung 75% strength. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Got Vario III a few weeks a go and very pleased with it. Normaly use T-mob data connection but just been on holiday so attempted to connect to some wifi networks with out any success. Trying now at home to connect to my wireless network (all security/mac filtering disabled) and still no joy. Connects OK according to comm manager, but whatever site I try to visit in IE I get the following error: "The page cannot be found. Check the name and try again" Getting quite annoyed with it now, any suggestions appreciated... Thanks.
  6. Ok, I missed ou last time too, so here a list for another group buy to see if there is interest. I have added the names fom last few posts, please remove your name if no longer interested Group Buy: scottishbloke merryn (*2) guffest anyone else??
  7. I tried rudeo for a bit, but it just seemed easier to use the remote... For scheduling recordings the web add on does the job. You could knock up your own: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mcecontroller/ prob no good for vista tho...
  8. Hi, Apologies if there is a better forum for this... I am considering buying a vario 3 from ebay. Does anyone know if it possible for the phone to be transferred to my name and registered to my t-mobile account? Will the warranty be honoured? If not can anyone recommend good place to purchase some insurance for it? Also, can anyone confirm if the vario iii has remote desktop/terminal services client pre-installed? Many Thanks, Scott.
  9. Hello, What exactly do you want to control? Take a look at www.orb.com, its free and quite usefull...
  10. Not in a position to check yet but found the following suggestion on another site: Go here.. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:WMPLAYER change, String 1 from wmplayer.exe to "\Program Files\TCMP\player.exe" with quotes.. that's assuming that you have TCMP installed there. That should be it. Now the orb streams should open in TCMP instead of WMP10. That is from the follwoing discussion (please delete if not permitted to link) http://www.corecodec.com/index.php?option=...c=2043.msg13054
  11. Hi, I guess that makes sense. Will have a play now, thanks! Not sure on what type of coding ORB uses, will check that as well.
  12. Hi, Just read through this thread, but am still unsure of this: Can anyone confirm what will happen to WnW Pro (
  13. Hi, I am using ORB to stream tv. If I set orb to use 3GP format the stream allways seems to be opened using the pre installed "Streaming Player" supplied by HTC. However the audio and sound judders... I would like to try using TCPMP to play the stream, but don't know how to achieve this. I have associated .3GP with TCPMP through its settings, and have also checked with BadSchwii myExtensions that the settings are correct. Is there anyway to disable or un-install the "Streaming Player"? Has anyone used TCPMP to stream 3GP successfully? Many Thanks.
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