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  1. sum1 deleted all topics and now this forum is dead. good job
  2. hey ! :} does anyone knows how can i play camrgeddon 3D on smartphone ?? http://www.blaze.com/game_details.php?game...tabname=screens (it is a mophun game) i would love to play this game !!
  3. hello, :) I have a problem. while loading 5th level quake quits with this error:Hunk_Alloc: failed on 25568 bytes. :) anyone knows what does this means ? please help :}
  4. HI, :) :) im willing to buy spv c550 and i have a question about it. 2. alot of new aplications that are made for 240x340 LCD are written for win 2005. C550 has 2003SE so will the aplications wor win 2005 work on c550? 1. if i have 176x220 applications for smartphones, are they gona work on c550 not on fullscrean or they dont gona work et all ? sorry for my bad eanglish :}
  5. hi ;) i was wondering is there a program that will allow to edit videlo(3gp) on spartphone. u know, like cuting, spliting, adding subtitels maybe some efects and that sort of things.
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