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  1. Dolphin 35 for 18 months with "Unlimited anytime mobile browsing" for £30 per month from Orange web site less £50 cashback through Quidco. I was tempted by the £130 cashback deal from e2save but was suspicious of the amount of pratting about I'd have to do to cancel the extras I'd have to sign up to. Overall, to move to Orange: £534 over 18 months; T-Mobile's best deal for a loyal customer: £575. I've drawn my conclusions... Incidentally, many thanks to the monkey in Vodafone's Oxford Street store who came up with a pretty unattractive deal but did amuse me by insisting that the Vodafone v1615 (i.e. TyTN II) is made by Nokia.
  2. Thanks Phill. But... after the contract ended they quoted exactly the same as before. Pay them £80 AND lose my £5 per month loyalty discount. Oh well, goodbye T-Mobile and hello (again) Orange via Quidco. I guess T-Mobile has bought all the custom it wants for now.
  3. Hmm. Just phoned T-Mob to see how much for an upgrade. To stay on Flext20 + W&W they wanted £80 to upgrade from my Vario II to the Compact IV and by-the-way I'd also lose the £5 per month discount I currently get. Asked for a PAC code to focus the mind and they wanted to charge £10 as the contract doesn't end till 30 July. Phoned disconnections and got the same response. Any ideas on how I can improve this without changing package or am I just being a skinflint?
  4. :) :D :D Same here. Problem started the day I upgraded my MDA VarioII to WM6 using official T-Mobile upgrade. 29 trans-Atlantic SMSs ove the next few days. M:Panel promised to send me "a thank you gift of £15.00" on 31 Dec 2007 in recompense. Not received yet. They promised on 9 Feb "For your cooperation we will issue a £5 gift". Not received yet (ok, may still be in the post). But of course £5 doesn't anywhere near cover the cost of 29 trans-Atlantic SMSs. My first email to them said "when I upgraded my phone to Window Mobile 6 on 13 December...". The most recent response (6 weeks later) asks "if there were any changes on your device at that time that you can remember it would be extremely helpful." Not a lot of evidence of them actually reading what's sent to them. This thing has obviously grown beyond their capabilities. It was fine while it lasted but I don't think I'll be re-installing, even if they do eventually acknowledge that there is a problem and do something about it. Meanwhile, this effective recommendation of an outfit that so many members are patently having significant problems with really is giving Modaco a bad name. A large health (wealth?) warning needs to be put on the front of this thread, otherwise Modaco's credibility is up for a severe bashing.
  5. Hi. I've been running this software on my O2 XDA mini S and then T-Mobile VarioII since May 2006 with no problem. Then I upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 in mid-December (official T-Mobile UK release). Installed the Mobilepanel software and assumed it installed successfully. Mistake! Checked on 26 Dec and discovered my account was inactive and that the phone had sent 19 international SMS messages. Contacted Mmetrics - no reponse. OK, it is Christmas and they're probably not at work. Checked today - account still inactive and the phone has sent a further 9 international SMS messages. Contacted Mmetrics again. The cost to me of these SMSs exceeds the incentive I'm receiving from Mmetrics so, like others on here, I've also removed the software, pending a reponse from Mmetrics about how to successfully install it. Incidentally, regarding the inability to install - I tried installing via the PC using the software I already had (Feb 2007 vintage) and also using software newly downloaded from Mmetrics, also tried getting software link sent to phone - out of 4 attempts, I received only 1 text message, which contained a link that also failed to install successfully (my phone number hasn't changed since I first signed up).
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