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  1. Im looking to make a profile that will automatically log in to my works Barracuda Webfilter. The problem is that once it has an unsecured wifi connection to it, it then needs the user to log into a web page and fill out the required fields (Username/Password) before it actually gets a connection to the internet. I imagine that this would need an HTTP POST request sending to it but have no idea how to construct one that works.
  2. posted 20 minutes earlier. Posted this morning. With regards to your question about GPS a quick scan through the 3 pages of posts (Thats all there are) reveals if there were problems with GPS then it would probably have been picked up there. A little reading on XDA would tell you that Stock ROMs if downloaded can be re-flashed. But as you don't really want to do any reading on your own I wouldn't advise flashing anything.
  3. rather than asking a million questions why not do some reading first. There is a search function both here and on XDA, take a look. Thanks Harroguk
  4. Well not sure how I have done it but turning widgetlocker on and off, Enabling the Root option and changing a few other config options to get the look and feel the way I wanted seems to have cleared the issue. Im guessing it was my configuration of the app rather than anything else. /shurg. I would like to add that it is so much better than the SGS2 stock lock screen.
  5. Just installed Widgetlocker to get rid of the SGS2 Stock Lockscreen. Everything seems to have worked except for the small problem that I now appear to have two lock screens (Both contain widgetlocker custom sliders). Any idea what I have missed in the configuration to take me back down to one lockscreen please? Its a real pain to swipe the unlock slider twice every time I want to get into my phone. I don't have any PIN/Pattern installed and I cant find a setting to turn keyguard off permanently (Thus keeping only Widget Locker) Thanks
  6. Vibration I can live with, its the "handy" little beep that torments me.
  7. The other answer is http://www.unlocking SPAM link removed.co.uk/ £15 and my O2 SGS2 PAYG was unlocked in 30 mins. It makes me wonder why O2 refused to take my money to unlock the handset and told me I had to wait 12 months. Some companies make it so hard to give them money.
  8. Cheers for the advice guys, I guess the resounding answer is to wait for the MWC to come and see what is announced there. Thanks again Harroguk
  9. So, in one month I am due for my phone upgrade from T-Mobile UK, I will be upgrading from my HTC Desire which I have had no issues with since putting MCR on it. The question is... What should I "upgrade" to? DesireHD? Should I wait for the next big thing (If so, what is it)? Should I just pick-up a phone and sell it on (So keep my Desire)? Cheers for the advice/help guys. Harroguk
  10. Indeed, thanks very much Frankish, I have been waiting for this information for a very long time.
  11. I have exactly the same problem with the optical trackpad no longer "Clicking" The only work around I found was to use Rom Manager (from the Market) to install roms via the non-flashed clockwork recovery install. Means that I can put updated ROMs on my handset. I havent really had any need for the trackpad button other than that so probably wont be getting it repaired.
  12. Everything is going quite well now. I managed to re-root using unrevoked. I was still unable to use the recovery console because of the faulty Trackpad however I wad able to use ROM Manager to flash r9 without any trouble. The end result again being that I have a useable phone and am able to flash ROMs. Trackpad still doesn't work but as its a hardware fault its not really a surprise :P It would be nice if I could configured ROM Manager to use my actual recovery console instead of the one on the sdcard.
  13. Okay, I have managed to recover the handset somewhat. Firstly I booted into the bootloader and then set up Fastboot USB. From there I was able to flash the official T-Mobile RUU (RUU_Bravo_TMO_UK_1.15.110.11_Radio_32.30.00.28U_4. 05.00.11_release_122755.exe) The downside of this is that I am now on HBOOT .80 with no recovery rom installed. Not going to do anymore tonight but will definitely be trying to get MCR back on. Anyone know of a way to do this without using the recovery console? Can I push it with an adb command or package it into an RUU? Or even use ROM Manager to flash it?
  14. Okay, slightly worse problems now, it seems by doing a "Factory Reset" from within the ROM something has gone very badly. When the phone reboot after/during the factory reset of settings it failed to reboot permanently hanging in the Android Splash screen. I assume I am going to have to run some adb commands but dont really have any idea where to start. The other option would be to try and flash a ROM onto it (I can still get into the recovery menu) but without being able to click the trackpad I cant work out how to do that either.
  15. Hi Guys, It appears that my trackpad is faulty (It will move around but wont "click" anything) now this is not a massive issue for me as I dont use it very often however when I do use it I use it for the clockworkmod recovery menu. Is there any "hack" or alternative method I can use to flash a new ROM onto my handset or even just to carry out a wipe? Thanks Harroguk
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