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  1. If you ever find the answer out, could you just let me know please bud !
  2. I've just added a couple of bit's about the bootloader and soft/hard resetting. When I get abit more time at the weekend, i'll try and make it abit better.
  3. I think this problem still exists in WM6 - I'll test it tonight, and let you know tomorrow. -=EDIT=- In fact, I just tried to add an all day reminder for tomorrow, and set "All Day: Yes", but below that is an option for "Reminder:" the default is set to "Remind Me", but i've set it to "None" - So inthoery it shouldn't go off at midnight !
  4. Just recently got the SPV M600, only about a month or so ago - Loving it. Before that, I had the SPV C550, which was just over a year old - That was a good phone to me, it's got plenty of battle scars !
  5. I'm not sure about your Skype problem - But for your GPS question, that would be a no. You have to use a bluetooth GPS receiver i'm afraid.
  6. It could be, so your best bet is to turn the phone off completely, turn it back on, leaving it for 5-10mins to start up fully, then type in your PIN then press the left soft-ket to accept the PIN (if you have a PIN), then try sync'ing again. Failing that, its then a more serious problem, not just a broken screen. Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the C550 only have 1 ribbon for the screen ? So I don't think it will be just a slipped ribbon.
  7. If your contacts were stored on your phone and not on the SIM, then the only contacts you will have is the contacts from the last sync.
  8. The file transfer issue is solved by installing "Resco File Explorer", not smart explorer. And for the Tomtom, you will never get it to work. Tomtom 6 was never released as a Smartphone version. You will need Tomtom 5 Mobile. Hope that helps, Ferret !
  9. I dunno what the sounds are for. But your gonna have to do a hard reset, and you will loose everything on your phone. That's why I sync often, and keep anything important on my memory card.
  10. No it didn't - I've only had the phone 2 days. I'm not that bothered about it, it's not worth sending the phone back for ! Thanks for your help anyway mate ;)
  11. Just done a hard reset - And I still can't selected anything other than "Keyboard"
  12. That's the menu i've been using, but whenever I select an option, and tap Ok, it just goes back to the default.
  13. Hello peeps, I've had my M600 for a day, and it is certainly a brilliant upgrade from the C550 - I love it. But i'm having abit of a problem, I can't seem to change the default input method... When I first setup the phone, it was set at "Keyboard", and I couldn't change it then, and i've since installed "Resco Keyboard", which has set that as the default, but i'm still not able to change it. I want to try out the handwriting recognition, but i'm unable to at the mo. Thanks alot, Ferret !
  14. Thanks Paul - I will test WMDC and see if I like it :)
  15. Hello lads... I'm running Windows Vista, and apparently, "Windows Mobile Device Center" is supposed to replaced 'ActivSync', but when I plug in my phone, it only charges, it doesn't sync. Can anyone help me sync my phone with Vista ? Thanks, Ferret !
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