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  1. Now then all, This is how I managed to fix the problem, dunno if it will work for you guys though: -Scroll through to file manager, and once in click menu and option 8 to see your phone memory info. You'll need 4 MB free in your storage memory to download MMS. -To free up as much memory as possible, you'll have to empty your SMS and MMS deleted items folders(remember the phone always stores items you delete in this folder); and then sent items, drafts and inboxes if necessary. -You can also empty your internet explorer cache (mine added up to about 3 mb), by scrolling down to windows, then profiles in your file manager; and then emptying your cookies and temporary internet folders. Hope this helps. Dan
  2. I don't know why the SPV C600 has had such rave reviews, I'm really not impressed with its basic features: - The keypad is too compact and clumsy - There's no facility for transferring sim contact details from other handsets (other than previous SPV smartphones apparently) - Navigation between call and text message menus is clumsy - It is too reliant on brand spanking new windows features to unlock its more advanced capabilities I've had the phone for about two weeks, and frankly I'm sick of it. :x :evil: :x :evil: :x :evil: :x Any comments?
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