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  1. My battered old JAM is getting extremely hot during charge. It seems to get hotter with each consecutive charge, too. It’s almost at the point where it’s difficult to hold on to it. Other than that, it’s behaving properly. Does anyone know what might be causing it? Is it likely to “go on fire”? Thanks.
  2. It’s a pity there’s better camera work in The Blair Witch Project* but yeah, interesting. * = How topical, Ed.
  3. Hi. Is it possible to, without Outlook, sync a windows smartphone/ppc device with Windows Vista’s native calendar and contacts? P.S. I’m sure this has been covered before; but I searched for it but found the results fairly impenetrable.
  4. Hi. I have a generic, Qtek branded 2020 – I’m after the latest (or best) ROM to flash it with. Which ones can I use? Any ideas?
  5. Ed

    Do you looking

  6. We're getting nowhere here. What languages can you speak well, TonyZh?
  7. My god... look at that stupid car. Hahahah.
  8. Ed

    The story behind your /nick

    Guess... although, I sometimes use "Ron Sequitur" when I want to remain anonymous.
  9. Ed


    What’s gone wrong with IRC?... The server seems to be acting very oddly and when I do get on I’m split away from everyone else. To whom, now, am I to boast about my sexual conquests?
  10. Ed

    Happy St George's Day

    Maybe you should treat yourself to a new car then.
  11. Ed

    XDA II Questions

    Does GPS work out of the box? If not what do you need to get to make it work? All I had to do was enter an Access Point name and it worked. What is the average battery life with/without expansion? About 4 days if you don't use it, 1 day if you play Quake the whole time. Don't have an expantion. The emulators that have been ported to mobile devices, particularly pocket SNES, how well does this run on the device with its higher processor speed and ram? Not tried PSNES but I've run some fairly simple MAMECE games like Pang and they're flawless. Don't know about the other questions. It's a pretty great device though, if you ask me.
  12. Ed

    XDA II Questions

  13. Well, I've tried this on my home PC and and it does work, this is having the device plugged into a powered USB 2.0 hub. Still doesn't on my work computer where it's plugged directly into the back of the machine. Weird.

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