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  1. novakry

    UK networks

    Available on orange, t-mobile, vodafone, o2 networks on http://www.e2save.com/mobile-phone/contrac...C-Desire-Z.html. That's how I got mine B). Also worth noting is you can get £46 off your order through quidco.
  2. novakry

    Bluesoleil Com Port Problem

    well got it fixed in the end, turns out the bluesoleil connection port doesn't need to be assigned. just double click the pda once its been detected pair up device with desktop and it picked up the activesync service on the pda straight away.
  3. i've followed all guides to get bluesoleil working, eventually i did get bluesoleil to get MS active sync to connect to my pda (m600) by matching up the ports. however when i rebooted, i was no longer able to get active sync to connect, i checked bluesoleil only to find that the port number i used to connect it before was not on the list of ports to pick. i've tried uninstalling bluesoleil, and no luck with port "6" missing off the "quick connect" list. i've tried just about everything and no idea how to fix it. just so its known com port 7 is also missing from the list, these are the only ports that i can see of that can connect to my pc from my pda.
  4. novakry

    speed tweaks

    hi, i've heard a lot of mention of speed tweaks for the HTC prophet. so i was wondering if someone could list all the good ones which will help speed up my prophet. and links to a guide to show you how to apply the tweak. bit of n00b question then again i've only used a pda for a week now >;) chrs ~novakry
  5. wow what luck, i ordered mine already. i went by the fact the seller on ebay said they were really really good. then i check this post and think, uhoh. what a relief there exactly the same one :P. cheers anyway ;)
  6. awesome guide narxis, i was having the same problem with only finding serial port instead of activesync, but as you said just match the ports up and presto!. thanks again mate...
  7. well i'm starting a new contract, maybe thats why i'm getting it earlier *shrugs*. thats the thing tho, when i asked the guy how long the m600 had been avaliable for he said 2 weeks! :shock::shock:. i dunno if he was kidding or not, but i wish i had rung earlier, ;).
  8. just thought you guys might like to know i just ordered my m600 on contract, currently 240 left just call free on 0800 0790435 -Novakry
  9. novakry

    Cubin' Your Blues Away!

    amazing, i thought i'd try it on my spv c500, and low and behold it worked and there isn't a single blemish or mark that remains. thankyou i've been waiting to remove that damn logo :)

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