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  1. Hi MoDaCo Forum, Ok, I give up. I'm logged in and after 20 mins can't find a My Messages section. ??? Regards, Brcobrem
  2. Hi, Fyi - I fixed the "searching" problem by running the latest OS upgrade (ie. To_CWS_20130_284222_022501_Ship.exe ) from http://www.america.htc.com . One benefit of this new build seems to be that ActiveSync does not disconnect from the phone after several minutes, the way it used to with the OEM OS build. Thankfully, ActiveSynch (v4.5.0) recognized thatI had "CompanionLink Pocket PC Link" installed on the PC and offered to reinstall it on the SmartPhone. That means I have all of my ACT! (not Outlook) contacts back. ActiveSynch did not recognize any of the other 3rd party programs that had been previously install from the PC to the Smartphone. They will have to be reinstalled. To facilitate this, I took a screen shot of the Explorer view (with all directories expanded) of the storage card on the SmartPhone, before running the upgrade. I had installed most of the 3rd party apps to the storage card. In my original post, I sad, "It's also interesting that when I go into Profiles, Flight Mode is no longer listed there as a Profile.". In retrospect, I found that "Flight Mode" is displayed in the "Quick List" that you see when you press the power off button quickly. Before the upgrading, I did try enabling and disabling that toggle, but the phone never did go out of Flight Mode. That is apparently why it could not pick up a network signal, and thus just said "searching" continuously. For what that's worth. . . Regards, Brcobrem
  3. Hi, After getting off the plane, I made and received calls normall for a couple days. I did not look to see what Profile it was in. Yesterday (a couple days later) a window came up that said something like, "You are in Flight Mode, do you want to resume Normal Mode?" . Fool that I am, I said Yes. Anyway, the phone does not receive or make calls now. If I go to Networks and tell it to search, the same problem, just keeps searching. I called Cingular support and we went through the power off, remove battery, remove SIM, reinsert parts and restart the phone. Still no joy. Btw, all other phone functions (including ActiveSync) work perfectly. It's also interesting that when I go into Profiles, Flight Mode is no longer listed there as a Profile. Support first suggested that the phone is damaged some how and I need to replace it. I suggested that an upgrade (arg!) to the latest version of the OS might fix it (or a "master reset of the current OS version). Like you all, I have 3rd party software and reg customizations that I really don't want to redo. Any ideas how to get the network to be recognized? All comment and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Brcobrem
  4. Hi Snooginsguy, I'll spare you all the tedium that it took to uncover the solution, but it turns out it was some kind of issue with the factory supplied RAM (ie. two 1GB sticks). Swapped in two pieces of a different manufacurer's RAM and the "Bugcode_USB_Driver Stop: 0x000000FE (0x00000005" bluescreen problem (when tethered USB) simply went completely away. Ditto with another blue screen that I was getting when playing around with the Bluetooth dongle. Regards, Brcobrem
  5. Hi Madaco & All, I had the following message sent to me today. I posting it so that others may see the fixable issue with the "sticking" keyboard / keypad when the 2125 gets dropped. The message follows. Rggards, Brcobrem Message: Man, you're a life saver! Or should I say phone saver? Your guide on how to disassemble the 2125 was of great use to me. I dropped my phone on the corner, and the 9 and # keys were "stuck"...they worked but i had to push hard and there was no tactile clicking when i did push them. Unlike with your experience, mine did not go away when I had gotten to the point of removing the circuit board from the front cover, but removing the keypad and jiggling it around (and spraying it with compressed air) to the point that it fixed the problem was pretty easy to figure out. The hardest part was getting the first connector back into place before clicking the phone back together, but after much time and squinting, it's back together and works perfectly! I just wanted to drop you a line and show my appreciation; I had been looking on the internet for a service manual of some sort for this phone for a long time to no avail. Your guide was great in description, and even though the pictures are of pretty low quality, they really helped me fix my phone without breaking it. Thanks a million!!! -Matt
  6. Hi Snooinsguy, I hear you about not using Modem Link. If I understand correctly, you are not installing any 3rd party bluetooth software on the laptop/pc. If so, how do you get Xp to see the USB dongle? Btw, I'm going to test the XP Pro's (SP2) native "Windows mobile-based internet sharing device" driver via the USB cable on a fresh XP image. Let you all know how that works out. Regards, Brcobrem
  7. Hi Davka, Sounds like we bought the same bluetooth device (under $10 and that included shipping). I did a fresh XP Pro installion (my own XP Pro SP2) yesterday on this new Dell Inspiron 1501 (AMD Turion 64, 1.6Mhx, 2GB) and it still blue screens on either modem link or, as you have suggested, just as a bluetooth modem. All appropriate USB updates were applied too. I'm taking the laptop back to my system builder on MOnday. We will try my drvie in another Dell 1501 just to make sure, but I think there's something wierd with the chipset. I'll know that for sure when we try it on an Intel based board. Thank you again for your input regarding the bluetooth setup. I was wondering if somehow the BlueSoleil software was the problem, but I can get it to discover the 2125, but the Bluesolie Dial-up will not connect to the phone, shortly after that, I get BSOD again. In BlueSoleil, did you pair the phone to the bluetooth dongle? In BlueSoleil, did you associate the phone with the DUN com port? Thank you for your interest in this. Regards, Brcobrem
  8. Hi, I eBay'd an inexpensive Bluetooth USB dongle as a workaround to the bluescreening that occurs when I tether the 2125 via USB cable to a Dell 1501 Inspiron laptop. Fool that I am, now I do not see Bluetooth as an option in the phone's "Modem Link" program. I see only USB and IRComm . Am I missing something easy here, or is there another way to connect the 2125 to the laptop via Bluetooth for the purpose of using the phone's Edge internet connection ? I look forward to any comments, criticisms or verbal assults that you see fit to provide me with on this one. Regards, Brcobrem
  9. Thanks Jeff. I do see Windows Media now. That will work ok for my needs. Also thanks for the suggestion of TCPMP. I'll have to look into that after hours. Regards, Brcobrem
  10. Hi, What program is available for the Cingular 2125 to play Mp3 files? I do not see Windows Media Player on the phone. Is that a download somewhere? Other suggestions? Regards, Brcobrem
  11. Hi Snoozinguy, I'm trying your suggestion. Have an eBay bluetooth adapter on the way. Total cost was less than $10. That will (hopefully) be an enexpensive solution (ie. forget the USB teather all together). Regards, Brcobrem
  12. Hi, I have just downloded the latest OS for the Cingular 2125 from the HTC site (ie. To_CWS_20130_284222_022501_Ship.exe ). Any idea if the OS install will wipe out the "speed dials" and 3rd party programs that I have already installed on the 2125? Regards, Brcobrem
  13. Hi, I bought a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop with the intent on connecting the 2125 via Modem Link (via USB). Before the Dell, I have successfully used Modem Link on my old (don't laugh) AMD K6 300 NEC laptop. The Dell is running XP Pro SP2. Modem Link works for about 3 minutes (I have internet connectivity) and then the Dell laptop bluescreens with: Bugcode_USB_Driver Stop: 0x000000FE (0x00000005, 0x89BCB0E0, 0x10024387, 0x89C61F90) (Note: 0x89BCB0E0 was 0x89BCB080 before correcting via edit after the original post). Fyi: First I use ActiveSync Toggle to disable activesync. Next "activate" Modem Link. Next plug the phone into laptop's USB port. Next use 2125's IE to get to a web page. Next, after about 3-5 minutes, the laptop bluescreens. Next, I leave the 2125 teathered, and device-uninstall the HTC modem from the laptop. I reboot the laptop and let it reinstall the freshly detected HTC modem. It detects several components of the modem (modem, wave device, etc.). Next I activate Modem Link again, and the same bluescreen scenario starts again. The current OS on the 2125 is: ROM version : OPERATOR version : Note: this may be the original OS on the phone, but I am not certain of that. Cingular's /ATT's second level tech support was suppose to call me back on this. I've called three times and get the same promise of a call back, but it never happens. First question: I have just downloded the latest OS from the HTC site (ie. To_CWS_20130_284222_022501_Ship.exe ). Any ideas if this OS upgrade will fix my bluescreen error? Second question: Does the OS install wipe out the 3rd party programs and speedials that I have already installed on the 2125? (like the kind of goodies I found via the excellent "MoDaCo _ HTC Tornado / Faraday & Variants _ Cingular 2125: Everything you need to know" post that you have in this forum). As the hurricane season is upon us here and my 2125 is my backup WAN link, I will appreciate any and all suggestions that you may care to provide. Regards, Brcobrem
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