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  1. how do you get vista so small, i got vlite but can onlyu get it to 2.0 g
  2. press ctrl - F1 to minimise the ms office 2007 ribon
  3. i am in, this will be great
  4. keep as is as i only just discovered it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. no, but you can run from usb key
  6. wow!!! this could be a good benchmark fow asus to get too for the eee. did you hear that they have gor a licence to put xp on the eee now?
  7. i have had this prob w. my other laptop (not an eee) the brest way is to do a cleen xp install
  8. barfoo

    Anyone Know

    You can install xp or vista on them yourself, or go to japan where you can buy one with a uk version of xp preinstalled
  9. I use a 160gb external hdd with my eee pc and it is fine. The performance when used with xp is amazing!!! much better than my hp pavilion dv6000 that is alot slower and bigger than my tiny little asus eee pc!!!
  10. I believe your problem is in your Admin Settings. You can access this by entering *#1546792*# This will access Admin Settings, choose Network & Call Settings, then choose Network Mode. Make sure Auto is selected, that should do it. Also, you should do a soft boot before and after you try this fix.
  11. Hi, great work. Feature request: implement a full read mode that allows to share card with pda. I have a htc touch and I want to use it with my car stereo trought usb connection. The usb emulator allows me to charge the mp3, but I want to use TomTom Navigator (only read in usb mode and full access to pda apps). When I compare Card Export and WM5torage, WM5torage is faster than Card Export in the car stereo. Thank you, and sorry for my english X-)
  12. I recently bought a Hyundai A200 which runs WM5. How do I upgarde to WM 6 officially or unofficialy both welcomed. Have ya tried it?
  13. Is there anything that would let me do this? I have t-mobile edge, and a motorola q9h, and a laptop running vista. I use gmail imap to sync my email with thunderbird/pocket outlook/outlook 2007. I have about 800 contacts email/phone mixed and I use tasks on my cell to write down stuff to do(homework at school :)). Right now I just use mail2web to check my tasks. Oh and I would prefer if it was something freeware, or at least w/o monthly bill. Thanks in advance
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