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    :( The skull is my original design and it was madejust to promote its launch :P I think you will be speechless when you see the Xbox360 I've crystallised for Eidos.... it has over 45,000 crystals! It was for the launch of Lara Croft! lol Ayano www.bling-my-thing.com
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    hi guys, been using the phone for the past 4 weeks and I am very happy with it! I pimped it with airbrush and Swarovski crystals.... tacky, but I love it! I appreciate all the nice user-friendly features of the phone especially having suffered from Razr V3 phone.... the phone really screwed up my address book! I like that with Nokia you can save different phone number under one name. The camera is OK. I use it often, but I feel that the camera response is not so good as other leading multimedia models. but compared to most of the phone function in the market, it is definitely much more advanced.Matrix Chrome.jpg Greetings from Berlin, Ayano
  3. bling-my-thing

    Moto V3x

    I just crystallised a V3x for a client and I must say, it is a bit too chunky! I've been carrying a Razr in the past 6 months and I am not sure if I would like to have this thing around all the time... but if you guys are so happy with the software of it, may be it is a good buy.... never happy with V3 because of its appalling contents. by the way, how is this phone different from V3i? been preparing some of those for CeBIT and it is a very pretty phone. The display much bigger than V3... (I wonder what for, as the actual display is still very small) The metallic case is sexy! ta, Ayano www.bling-my-thing.com
  4. hi there, this is completely different but this is how I pimped up the X800 phone for my customer!!! Ayano owner of www.bling-my-thing.com
  5. I love this phone because it is blingable :D now we've done two of these phones for our client. but this phone is not really popular yet. in Germany people would still go for Razr... Ayano the owner of www.bling-my-thing.com
  6. A lot of choices... I do not know any more! I find m500 pretty sexy though... and it is an advantage to have a replaceable cover. No matter how much I am attracted to Smartphones, I still miss my Nokia. I hardly write SMSs these days because I am still not used to the dictionary function in Razr phone. Great design though.... By the way, do you guys know Pantech? www.pantech.com They recruited all the top designers from Motorola and Samsung to design their phones. THe phones look really beautiful...! Do you want to have your iPod bligned? I can offer you a sales commission for every sales which led from your recommendation :P Ayano
  7. If you order now, will give you a 5% discount :D hmmmm Vodafone doesn't offer Dopod! do you guys know anything about VPA compact II? this is the only thing which is similar to Dopod... I want a phone with a complete keyboard, you know. Blackberry is too small and ugly (and not blingable). Sorry, I am completely out of line - this thread is about Black Razr, isn't it??
  8. Hi there Paul, few months ago I "blinged" the Dopod 818 Pro (it is sold exclusively by O2 in Germany) for a girl. She accidentally dropped it and the poor pda had a terrible dent at the corner. It was also completely scratched and wasn't pretty at all... The complete front-cover was crystallised and wow, it really did look stunning! I am annoyed because we forgot to take photos of it... it was an express service :) I am actually thinking of getting it - is your missus happy with it? How is the software? Ayano
  9. hi Fluffcat1, by coincidence I found this forum... with my pictures! I am the owner of Bling My Thing from Berlin :) It is nice that people talk about us. This is the kind of stuff you either love it or hate it (sounds like a Marmite ad). Many Apple fans hate us for destroying their mighty Apple design. But mind you, crystals offer really good protection against scratches & finger prints on the chrome surface. Soon I am going to upload a new iPod Nano pictures with lots of flowers. Now it will not be scratched! believe me or not, 80% of our orders are on Motorola Razr. Germans are crazy about this phone... and it is great for us because it is the most beautiful blingable phone in the market. We've just done a V3X edition but I think it is too FAT - doesn't deserve to be called a Razr, I guess. We also about to bling several V3i models. They are really stunning!!! funky metallic surface with a lot improved "contents". I am getting sick of my ordinary Razr now - having seen all the new models, I am seriously thinking of selling it on eBay and buy something new (by the way, the blue Razr belongs to me!). But tell you the truth, I miss my Nokia! Will be loading more photos of Motorola soon. See ya! Warmest regards from Berlin, Ayano (owner of Bling My Thing)
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