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  1. Alrighty so here we go. I had a T-Mobile wing, kept it in my pocket like I always have, and how I kept my MDA with me for years. Magically, the screen cracked at the lower left side. What gives? I wasn't contorting my body in odd ways or pressing against the screen, but it destroyed itself. I found the service manual online and will buy a new LCD off ebay, fortunately I had another Wing laying around. I also have a couple Dashes. One will turn on, screen lights up, windows boot sounds play, but the screen is solid white. Any ideas? I haven't tried reflashing but I didn't see how it would help. Although, I don't know if it's a physical problem since the screen does light up...it just stays white. The second dash was running unbelievably sluggish and I could not navigate the start menu to format it. I decided to update the firmware to the newest one on T-Mobile's site, which went well, but then when I restarted the phone...it would freeze momentarily at the splash screen/animation, then go to "auto configuring" and when it hit 2% would always turn off. When I restarted the phone, it would give me a BSOD (sweet! didn't know they exist in WM) saying the device was unexpectedly turned off, possibly due to the battery being removed or low power. When I pressed ok (or yes, can't remember), it'd go back to the auto configure and turn off again. I tried a few times, no luck, and tried reflashing but couldn't since it wouldn't load the OS. Oddly, while typing this thread, it fixed itself.
  2. I successfully used a 4gb card in my T-Mobile Wing.
  3. You're comparing apples and oranges... Sometimes, pulling out a laptop, no matter how small, is not the practical decision. When I'm on the go, it's very nice to be able to pull out my phone and go online to buy tickets to concerts as soon as they're released, bid on ebay, check email, listen to music, take pictures, etc.
  4. haha yeah thinking about it more yesterday I figure its not worth the trouble. Phone should have came with stereo bluetooth support...
  5. Hey, how yard do you think it would be to put a 3.2mm jack in the MDA? I just use bluetooth headsets so don't really have a use for the jack other than music. I would think the hardest part would be taking the MDA apart then just sodering a larger jack out of some old electronics and maybe having to shave a bigger hole in the case. I'm aware you could just buy an adaptor but I personally enjoy modding crap and cutting back on the accessories. Such as a mod I read about yesterday to build wifi into the old xbox. Any suggestions or ideas?
  6. hey, I'm in USA and work for cingular...so this might be wrong...but I know sometimes customers pay, posts to the account, is taken from their bank account...but then there's a problem (technical? I dunno) and the money is put on electronic hold then returned to the bank or whatever in about 3 days...
  7. grrrrr...why does usa get the crappy end of the wireless stick. Unlimited internet is 29.99 here and no plans for TMo 3G? I understand our network is a little larger and costlier to upgrade than the uk...but we got plenty of subscribers and would like 3g too...
  8. Hahah, I figured... I was in class when I posted that ...figured it would open in a microsoft product, thanks ;)
  9. Hah. I lost my usb cable and have had to do a full reset. How can I view the contacts that were synced onto my PC?
  10. yes but i think he's trying to be free from wires...can't think of why he'd want to plug his phone up to his computer when he could just watch it on the computer...
  11. lol sorry I forgot you were streaming over the network... Not sure what to tell ya on that if you have a good signal. I would just recommend a sd card...I got a 1gb for 55...and you can find them cheaper. Are there any buffering settings you can play with in tcpmp?
  12. I have a T-Mobile MDA and it didn't have that problem, but i've heard of people "app unlocking" so I would search for app unlock...
  13. for the guy talking about video...what media player are you using? If it's media player I recommend you get tcpmp...I encoded a file and it was horribly choppy on media player...but on tcpmp was smooth as silk.
  14. haha and you know I'm just joking with you right? I guess it's the anger of not having broadband options (except satellite but the latency isn't great for gaming and it's expensive)
  15. Being that the MDA was just released in the USA, I doubt there are any new roms for it. The ones that are being released are for the UK ones...afaik
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