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  1. I rang Orange yesterday... the best they could tell me was *sometime in November*. Bleh! :?:
  2. I have just installed the Paragon Russian-English dictionary on my C500 from here and the Cyrillic keyboard functionality (also Paragon) from here. However, I have now lost my English T9 dictionary. My only message options are now English, Russian, Greek or 123. (See attached image). Anyone got any tips for restoring T9 while leaving the new options in place? Cheers
  3. Good man :D Fix that contacts malarkey and I'll be happy :P Cheers
  4. scar45 - any update? :)
  5. Feedback: I have found that after a few days, my UAC backgrounds and start / shut down images have disappeared :cry: Also, it wont uninstall (I just want to re-install it, thats all). EDIT: I managed to re-install over the top of the first installation - the pics have returned, but the white background / white highlight bar in contacts is a bit of a pain... Otherwise, this is sweet.
  6. A re-boot fixed this for me... Nice theme - I'm a big fan of Doom 3... :) Cheers.

    Do you like new design of MoDaCo?

    I like it... And furthermore, the pages all seem to loading faster than they used to... Nice one... :) (I seem to have lost 100 or so posts from my count though - not that this matters...AND I seem to have picked up an extra star :()

    C500 upgrade blues

    No..the 79.99 upgrade fee is charged at the shop - the 100.00 will be on the next bill. The receipt from the shop confirms it - it shows 79.99 followed by -79.99. I triple checked by asking the Orange dude, just to be sure... 8) EDIT: sorry, I misread this slightly - 79.99 is the handset cost - the 100.00 is the upgrade fee.


    £320.00 now.

    C500 Wont send photos

    I had my C500 for a week now and had no problems with MMS until yesterday, when I received 2 errors indicating that the message (s) had not been sent. A glitch in the matrix, no doubt...

    Picture exambles

    C500 does nice sepia, if you like that olden-days look... :wink: workPCsepia.jpg
  12. This looks really good on my black C500. Now, wheres that WMP skin? 8) Nice job midnight. :)

    C500 upgrade blues

    Am in my local at the moment having a quiet stella and all i can say is WOW. This phone is fantastic compared to the e200. :) Posted from my C500 SmartPhone!
  14. I used the app OTA unlock last night. The first two times, I got a message stating that my IMIE was incorrect - however it wasnt. After reading something by vector here, I fired up PIE and left GPRS on. The third time after inputting my details and proceeding, the page on my PC just hung. I walked away, but when I returned I had a message on the phone stating that it was now application unlocked. Funny really, given that the browser on my PC was still stuck on the name, IMIE etc details page at the OTA site. Very hit and miss, I think. :?:

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