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  1. I've had a fitbit for about 18 months (well two actually - I lost one Ultra and Fitbit replaced it FOC - hows that for customer service..) and they're great. My two comments would be if you are interested in the sleep tracking go for one of the wrist bands, remembering to get the sleeve when you are in bed is a bother. Also I paid for Premium for a year - not sure what use it was at all. I'm going to replace my Ultra with a Flex when I loose it or it breaks
  2. SportyPal or similar so the phone can be tucked away safe and dry
  3. yup I've got one, its the nicest by far of the gel style cases I bought BUT its a very soft gel compared to the others and attracts dust and fluff, and being black it all shows up. However as its so soft its easy to get on and off which is a plus for a Brodit car mount. I haven't used the screen protector so can't comment on that. Got mine off ebay with a £16 best offer accepted
  4. i got four referrals but only 2 signed up so I need more! Please keep clicking above !
  5. OK, then heres mine to! Been using it for years but need the space now https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTU3NTM0Nzk
  6. cheers, been running WaveSecure trial now for 6 or so hours. Looks good, cant see any evidence of nasty battery drain. Tested all the functions and I'm very impressed. Looks like its going to be $19 for a year and then see what else is around, WaveSecure seem to do promos all the time, I just miss them every time!
  7. same boat mate, want Mobile Defense but can't get it yet. I found an open source one called Prey which looks good but haven't tried it yet. Bit worried about anything that has the potential to reduce battery life even further! I also found iTag. I'd be happy if I could work out how to get my contact details on the lock screen! Might have to pay for Wave Secure for a year and hope Mobile Defense gets released to the UK
  8. you guys getting this to work OK? I had been using it for ages, then it stopped working and it seemed to be a conflict with SPB products, now it always just crashes on start up. Seems to be well documented on the mesh forums issues with certain HTC devices. I suspect a hard reset and then not installing any SPB products would have it working again
  9. its out for smartphones already, and iphone apps in development. Theres loads of university research groups working on it with demos so it wont be long before its mainstream, just look at the sponsors of Layar!
  10. it just slides out the side, those 'claws' just hold it in place. Its just like a slip case, but rigid. Phones out the case in an instant and its OK using the phone in the case. Its very safe in the case, no chance of it slipping out - the only negative i can think of for it is that it doesn't have a camera cut out on the back
  11. I've got this Beyza one which is nice but I currently prefer the new HTC Leather one, its the best one I bought so far and I've got a few. Links below: Beyza: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Beyza-Croco-Red-Leat...93%3A1|294%3A50 HTC http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Genuine-HTC-Touch-HD...93%3A1|294%3A50
  12. no you definitely can't, its a good tight fit without anything on the phone
  13. you may want to wait a week or so, they've just announced a new Jawbone half the size http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news/news.pht...h-headset.phtml
  14. I found that the minikit showed as being connected but most of the time didnt transfer the audio (firmware 1.03c, lots of complaints about TyTn II on the Parrot forums). It worked fine with my Vario II so I dont know what happened, anyway it was a good excuse to buy a new gadget! With the Jawbone I leave bluetooth on on the phone and turn the Jawbone on/off as i get in or out of the car. It just connects every time with no problems. As to my earlier issue I did a hard reset, and both the phone and Jawbone now ring with an incoming call, I then reinstated a backup and they both still ring (for now) so its all good. The jawbone looks to be a winner, am going to try and get a better fit by cramming a jabra minigel onto it rather than the jawbone ear pieces.
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