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  1. pookiecheeks

    Retro UK Phone Ring Tone

    hello all, ..i assumed it was already within the list of ring tones found on spv's as its on my spv m2000. its the current ring tone i use. i agree, its loud, clear and just what i need in my noisy work place. pooks ..i meant there is a 'oldphone' ring tone on my handset, which i use. wasn't suggesting the one you recorded is/was. sorry for any confusion.
  2. pookiecheeks

    Anti Virus software for m3100?

    hello all, ..hmm, i've had airscanner security bundle for pocketpc for a while now. i was laughed at the day i got it, and it would appear i'm being laughed at still. i too have read that there are now a few viruses, if that is the correct term for them, that can effect pocketpcs. not sure how accurate this is though, but i still find myself running the antivirus software when boredom kicks in. pooks airscanner
  3. pookiecheeks

    PocketPlus killed my phone!

    hello all, ..sorry to hear of your troubles young sir, but i for one totally rate spb pocketplus. i've used it pretty much since the day it was released, or there abouts, and can't say i've ever had trouble with it. you sure other programs aren't causing your troubles ? what other programs have you installed ? then again, maybe the actual handset is the cause ? you don't state which handset you have. is doing a hard reset a problem for you ? have you visited the spbclub and asked on there about known conflicts or problems ? sorry again, but i rate spb highly... the long list of spb programs i own is testiment to that. pooks spbclub - pocketplus section
  4. pookiecheeks

    ActiveSync 4.5 released

    hello all, ..i'm still on version 3.7.1. i was going to download this 4.5 version, but after reading the problems some are having i've changed my mind... pooks
  5. pookiecheeks

    i-mate prepare 'Ultimate' range of devices

    hello all, ..nasty ! oh, the handset i meant... not the ginger one from girls aloud ! :) pooks
  6. pookiecheeks

    Benq-Siemens prep Windows Mobile Smartphone

    hello all, ..i don't like it, sorry... pooks
  7. pookiecheeks

    OFFICIAL: Windows Mobile 6 is coming!

    hello all, ..hmm, htc athena and wm6... nice ! saying that, green doesn't exactly turn me on etc... pooks
  8. pookiecheeks

    Spb Software House launch Spb Mobile Shell

    hello all, ..yes, and ONLY windows mobile 5 at that ! :) pooks
  9. pookiecheeks

    Orbit as a webcam?

    hello all, ..er, surely once in their cradles, pocket pcs/smartphones face the wrong way/wrong angle to be used as webcams ? my spv m2000 isn't even 1 mega pixel, so i'm not sure it'd be worth it for me... plus my webcam is top notch anyway. another thought, isn't the cost of this program approaching basic webcam prices anyway ? pooks
  10. hello all, ..god, there's always one eh ! :D pooks
  11. hello all, ..its reasuring to know i'm not the only doofus amongst us then ! i've only completed 17% so far, yet i'm too just a little school boy by all accounts. not sure how useful the 'diary' bit is ? pooks
  12. pookiecheeks

    Off Topic: The iPhone is official!

    hello all, ..have they ? all i've found regarding reference to smartphone is... "And the keyboard is predictive, so it prevents and corrects mistakes, making it easier and more efficient to use than the small plastic keyboards on many smartphones." ..maybe i've missed a page or too. in any case, its very smart and a phone, so hey ho ! pooks
  13. pookiecheeks

    How Do You Cook Your Bacon?

    hello all, ..hmm, lovely crispy bacon(grilled), wholemeal bread and lashings of spicy brown sauce... pooks ps. maybe paul could do a video pod thingy on how to cook bacon modaco stylee ?
  14. pookiecheeks

    Off Topic: The iPhone is official!

    hello all, ..er, surely the apple iphone and the oqo 2 are different products ? one's a mobile phone ahead of its time, and one's a fully fuctional ultra mobile pc... bit like comparing a top of the range push bike with a supercar yes ? pooks
  15. pookiecheeks

    Off Topic: The iPhone is official!

    hello all, ..lol, as with ALL apple products, they do it THEIR way. to say it isn't user friendly, be compatible with anything or just won't work is obviously incorrect. although it looks very nice, i'm not sure i'd want one ? i'm too used to my pocket pc. saying that, i'm pro apple and i hope this little gem is a success. pooks ps. i still prefer macuser's mockup 'iphone', now that IS sexy !

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