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  1. Is there someone here that have tested HTCUnlock-CVS on your s740? or is threre some other program for app.Unlocking now days?
  2. Hi, Is there some program that I can make a rom from my htc s740 wm 6.1 standard installation? I will have all my installed programs and configurations stored in a rom mutch easer to go back if something goes wrong when i making changes...
  3. Didn´t remember that I have done that :rolleyes: 2006
  4. I will useit for the most time in scandinavia.
  5. Nice now I have little more options ... :rolleyes: Is there some other import your own digitaly maps into program out there (more than rungps)?
  6. ok I see... bad wery bad... i got tomtom 5 today and I like it i dont have to use functions that a cursor might help me with. Some other program that I can buy for that phone insted of tomtom? (gps program.) I will check out the rungpgs
  7. I finally got my new HTC S740 from work and I see that i comes with a build in GPS reciver... What GPS Program can I use on it? What do you run? Tomtom ? version? Is there a program that can import digitally seamaps too? Wold be aswome in the boat :rolleyes: thnx for your time...
  8. Sorry it didnt work ... it have to be a picture... I had make a picture of my phone there you will se the striped backround.
  9. Ohh thats a really nice guide... Thnx... color_windowtext color_window Thats what I have to change ...
  10. I have installed facade om my phone and download a skin for it ... it was very nice but I have something anoying thing with it... The picture (or what it is) thats is in the backround when I have pushed the start buttom... when I se the "startmenu" or pusch the conntacts buttom when I se the "conntacts" then backround is striped I realy want it white or some other colour. any one thats know what I mean :(?
  11. Nice jobb.. V 1.60 Works with Qtek 8310 V 1.78 beta 4 (latest) Works on HTC S700 A FAQ whith working versions on mobiles would be great... In this tread is not easy to find working realeases for a special mobile. This program is absolutly the best I have used... I realy hate activesync. but plz look at some way to turn off the program automaticly.
  12. MrStu how did you fix the -"- Arranged my start menu so all the unused shortcuts are in a separate folder" Cant move the shortcuts ;)(
  13. Hi is there any program thats unlock my HTC S710? I have tried SDA and it wont work.. I hope some of you have one totally unlocked... I have to fix little in the sartmenu but the wm6 dont like it ;) I found a solution HTCUnlock-CVS.exe
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